Every Programmer's Essentials: Know What Makes You a Great Programmer

Software development is currently in trends. The increasing demands of good software solutions and the business need for coping up with every customer requirement have given the required boost to software development and hence, the demand for a good software developer is increasing. As the increasing number of computer science graduates are entering this industry, making your unique identity in this force of developers is becoming difficult.

How to Establish Yourself as a Unique and Excellent Developer?

The importance of being unique is known to everybody. Gartner reports 3.8 trillion dollars of I.T. spending in 2018. Also, the use of enterprise software has grown to 11.1% which was expected at 8.4% for 2019. Therefore, the increasing demands of IT solutions lead the IT firms to increasingly earn profits and they recruit the best talent available to serve their customers with excellent solutions.

Therefore, to secure a great and high-paying job in the IT sector, all the future aspirants must develop certain skills that every company looks for when hiring new talent. By developing all the required skills and working your best to prove your expertise, you can become the one whom companies look forward to hiring.

1. Thorough Knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms

Data structures and algorithms are the basics of learning programming. Without understanding the logic, you can never put a program to use as following the logic comes the choice of data structure and appropriate algorithm. Therefore, knowing all the essential information of data structures well and developing logic and understanding the algorithms is required to efficiently put the code into action.

2. Learn Text Editors

Every computer user knows the use of text editors. Especially for programmers, text editors hold a special place as the basic programming starts with text editors. The programmer must be thorough with any one text editor that they prefer to use when programming. The text editors like Notepad ++ provide the developer with IDE like look and also eases up many tasks by providing plenty of keyboard shortcuts that can save much time.

3. Version Control Tools

Version control tools like Git and SVN are the primary requirement for the programmer or a software developer. As Git and Github have been streamlined, the developer can always benefit from learning to use Git as most of the organizations use it when they are developing software. A programmer possessing advanced version control knowledge by using Github is always given a priority by the top IT companies.

4. Database Concepts

Integrating a database in the software solution is the most important task. The database is the brains of software and a good database integration ensures that the developed solution works excellently. The most popular database in use is SQL and hence, it is required to be studied thoroughly and the concepts of database operations and SQL must be clear. As a company looking forward to a database administrator always believes in finding the one that can understand handle the operations efficiently, it is required to develop an ability to understand database operations and clear concepts.

5. Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

According to the choice of programming language, the choice of IDE differs. It helps in efficiently develop an excellent solution. Android Studio IDE is used for developing Android apps. However, if a business likes to launch its utility app in iOS also, you can develop it using XCode only. Therefore, to develop different apps and solutions in different programming languages, the developer must choose the appropriate IDE to ensure excellent development.

6. Linux

UNIX has been used in the industry for years. It has become one of the most popular operating systems and the knowledge of it is still able to power up an entirely new operating system, Android. Therefore, learning Linux becomes most essential as it is going to be there still in the industry for the coming years. Many IT companies still prefer using Linux due to the advantages it offers and hence you must be aware of the command lines and other functionalities that let you run the system efficiently.

7. Microsoft Office

One of the most popularly used tools is Microsoft Office. It becomes important to at least understand and develop the ability to use popular tools like Excel, Word, Powerpoint. These products of Microsoft are popularly used all around the world and hence it requires you to be able to use the tools efficiently with knowing their keyboard shortcuts to efficiently complete the work.


There are many tools and paradigms that a developer should be aware about. As the industry trends keep on changing, the developer should keep up with the changing trends and keep learning the newer ways of serving users. Many IT development firms that are developing white-label app solutions like taskrabbit clone, ride-sharing apps and many for businesses always look forward to hiring developers that excel at delivering excellent solutions using their client's preferred technology and hence your knowledge can be put into good use here.