Why Is Video Marketing Gaining Immense Popularity In Digital World

A business owner is always looking for effective ways to attract customers. The ultimate goal of any business is to generate organic traffic on a website through some marketing techniques. If you want to expand your business globally, you should include video promotion to your marketing mix.

As a marketer, it is quite challenging to increase your brand value to your audience effectively. So the video is marketing is the answer to your many problems, you can attract, connect, and convert your targeted audience towards your brand through effective video.

Today, people are smart and crave information but want that fast. So they prefer a video of 2-3 minutes more effective than wasting 20 minutes on reading some content. So let’s examine why video marketing is popular and spreading its wings in the digital world.

Build Connection & Trust

The goal of marketing is to build long term connections with customers. But how to gain trust and stay connected with them? No doubt, the answer is videos. It enables you to connect with your audience in a more personal way as compared to other marketing tools.

Video is an exceptionally powerful form of content that grasp and evoke emotions, unlike any other form of content. Video allows you to use multiple things like voice, facial expressions, and emotional music that you can not do with blog posts or articles.

Today, customers are smart enough, and they find trust and reliability in videos as it connects the customers in a more personal way as compared to a traditional sales pitch. Short videos and attractive designs are some of the reasons that the gojek clone application is gaining popularity among startup businesses.

Moreover, a person spends more time on the web page if they find an interesting video on that. Your customers will remember what they watched and heard, unlike other marketing techniques. This is one of the best ways to promote your products and service; you can use social media platforms and email to promote your videos.

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

According to Cisco, by the year 2021, it is predicted that 80% of all internet traffic will come from online videos. That’s insane but true. Not only once, but people keep watching videos more and more if they find it attractive.

Another major reason is videos are easily searchable, no matter if your business is having an attractive website or not. If you have an impressive video, you can connect with customers, and people find that shareable.

Moreover, videos are easy to create. Thus it is quite shocking that approx. Five hundred million videos are watched daily by YouTube users, according to HuffPost.

When it comes to digital marketing, engagement is more important. If your content does not increase engagement ratio and traffic, marketing will suffer. But videos promote and enhance social media engagement.


Video marketing directly leads to sales. Research shows that 75% of consumers who watched the video instantly purchase it. If you want to stand out in today’s online world, you need to implement a video marketing strategy. Usually, paid ads are run for a short time, but effective video leaves a long-lasting impression on people’s minds.