5 Benefits of Facial Steaming you should know

A traditional aspect of skincare regimen, facial steaming has existed for centuries over different cultures and regions as an inexpensive, easy to access way to give your skin the lift it needs. Facial steaming is a non-aggressive method of loosening dead skin to exfoliate and clear skin of toxins and dirt. Facial steam helps in releasing congestion from the pores of our skin to remove dirt, oil and impurities that clog our pores and result in infection, bacteria growth, acne and excess oil production from the sebaceous glands. The steam also helps in increasing circulation in our skin for better penetration of after care products. Cleaning the grime off the face results in instant youthful glow and imparts skin tightening benefits.

How Facial Steaming helps in making our skin glow?

Promotes circulation:

The warm steam increases perspiration and dilates our blood vessels to increase stimulation. The blood-rush and flow helps in transferring oxygen to our skin for a natural, healthy glow.

Collagen & Elastin:

The increased blood flow promotes collagen formation for a younger and firmer looking skin.

Acne & Bacteria:

Steaming has been used in traditional skincare routines to open our pores and deep clean them to remove clogged dirt and impurities that contribute to acne growth. It easily cleanses our skin without the harm chemicals involved in physical scrubs and also removes dead cells from the skin's surface to reveal new skin for a healthier and lively appearance.


Our skin naturally produces an oil called sebum. Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous glands to lubricate our skin and hair. However, over production of sebum can result in oily skin that traps dirt and acne causing bacteria. Steaming helps in reducing the over production of sebum to keep your skin oil free and control the grease.


Apart from its beauty benefits, steaming helps in relieving sinus congestion, migraine pain and headaches. You can add certain essential oils like lavender for increased impact.

You can add various skin friendly and nurturing ingredients to the water before steaming. This may include honey, rice water, facial oils, essences and serums to tailor your skin care regimen to restore your skin's glow.

How to Steam your Face?

·         Bring clean water to boil. Add your choice of oils and simmer the concoction.

·         Start with a clean face by using a gentle cleanser.

·         Take a seat and use a big fluffy towel to start.

·         Bring your face closer to the pot of water and cover your head with the towel. To make sure the steam does not escape, do not leave gaps when you're covering your head over the pot with the towel.

·         You can remove the cover every few minutes for comfort breathing.

·         Repeat the process for 5-10 minutes.

·         Wipe your face with a clean gentle cloth and moisturize with a hydrating moisturizing to seal the benefits.

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