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Spotify 12 months upgrade - Personal Account

Spotify upgrades are back. Now this time you will never be kicked off the account. Your account will be upgraded legally by being added from a secondary account with a family plan which is owned by us (not cracked), so you will never be kicked. There's no fraudulent activities involved. You account will stay premium for 1 year without paying monthly but only once, and warranty stays with it too.

Price: $20.00

Crunchyroll personal account

Making you a premium Crunchyroll account which auto renews itself every month. Warranty stays forever until there is nothing we can do about it if some problem occurs.
If anything happens with your account, it will get fixed by contacting us.

Price: $16.00

Disney Plus Personal account upgrade

Upgrading your Disney account to Disney+ subscription. Warranty for service is forever until it closes. All my upgrading services have forever warranties, until I can not find a fix for them to keep them going.

HBO MAX Personal account upgrade

Upgrading you personal HBO MAX account by adding a lifetime auto renewable subscription to it. We create a new account with an email of yours and add the subscription. You can change the password after.

Youtube Premium + Music

You will be added to Google family and by joining you will have both Youtube Premium and Youtube Music Premium on your account.
3 Months: $15.00
6 Months: $28.00
1 Year: $38.00