Fluoropolymer Films Market By Polymer (PTFE, FEP, And PVDF), By Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Share, Size, Trends, And Forecast 2019 – 2026

Fluoropolymer films are high-performance state of the art materials with exceptional characteristics such as chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction, transparency, weather resistance, heat resistance, water absorption, etc. Fluoropolymer films are widely used across a number of end-user industries such as transportation, electrical and electronics, construction, industrial processing, etc. They provide a significantly long shelf life for critical components utilized in emission control, performance enhancement, and safety of automotive and aerospace industries.

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Fluoropolymer films market share is gaining a higher visibility in the medical sector owing to their application in various medical packaging materials. Pharmaceutical packaging requires to restrict chemical, biological, climatic and mechanical hazards that may lead to the product deterioration.

Development of next generation drug containers for enhancing the barrier resistance in cap liners, drug delivery systems and plunger laminates will significantly augment the fluoropolymer films market application in pharmaceutical packaging. In addition, cryogenic preservation, coated surgical instruments and cell culture bags utilized in healthcare sector require high performance materials with optimum biocompatibility.

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