Pharmaceutical Waste Management Market Growth, Trend Analytics and Industry Forecast to 2023

Market Analysis:

The global Pharmaceutical Waste Management Market is poised to have a healthy growth over the forecast period (2018-2023). Pharmaceutical waste contains medicinal drugs that are unused, expired, damaged, contaminated or is no longer needed.

There are abundant factors that is propelling the growth of the Pharmaceutical Waste Management Market GrowthThese factors as per the MRFR (Market Research Future) report include growth of pharmaceutical industry, initiatives undertaken by the government for safe unused medication disposal as well as waste generated through healthcare organizations and the pharmaceutical industry, growing awareness regarding environmental conservation and safe and right disposal of pharmaceuticals, growing number of collaborations such as mergers and acquisitions, rapidly growing patient population, increase in healthcare infrastructure, and advancements in waste disposal methods.

The rapid development of healthcare sector and the pharmaceutical industry is resulting in increased production of pharmaceuticals that is subsequently leading to an increase in the amount of waste generated daily. Usually, the pharmaceutical waste products consist of hazardous chemicals and non-biodegradable components. Increase in pharmaceutical waste leads to the demand for pharmaceutical waste management, subsequently creating the market for the same. A new report on the global pharmaceutical waste management market, published by Market Research Future (MRFR), sees that this market could grow between 2018 and 2023.

The biggest factor driving the global pharmaceutical waste management market growth is the huge set of environmental threats pharmaceutical wastes can cause. Pharmaceutical wastes are hazardous, and they can harm humans, animals, and the overall environment. Awareness among customers, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals is leading to market growth. Other markets driving the market include dangers of human pharmaceutical compounds as well as veterinary pharmaceutical compounds falling in drinking water resources, standards set by environmental regulatory authorities, and government initiatives for creating awareness.

Key Players:

·         Waste Management

·         Sharps Compliance

·         Daniels Health

·         Dickinson and Company

·         Becton

·         Cardinal Health

·         BioMedical Waste Solution

·         US Ecology

·         Stryker

·         Covanta Holding Corporation

·         Stericycle

Market Segmentation:

·         MRFR report offers a broad segmental analysis of the pharmaceutical waste management market on the basis of nature of waste, source of waste generation and type of waste.

·         Based on nature of waste, it is segmented into non-hazardous and hazardous pharmaceutical waste.

·         Based on the type of waste, the pharmaceutical waste management market is segmented into hazardous drugs, controlled drugs, non-controlled prescription drugs and over the counter waste.

·         Based on the source of waste generation, it is segmented into pharmacies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, clinics and physicians’ offices and hospitals.

Regional Analysis:

A geographical outlining of the global pharmaceutical waste management market covers North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World (RoW).

North America is one of the leading regional markets for pharmaceutical waste management due to the huge presence of many pharmaceutical companies and majority of pharmaceutical sales. Most of the pharmaceutical companies in this region are based in the USA. Canada is another economy that has the potential of becoming an important market as many advanced medical technologies are available in both the USA and Canada.

In Europe, the market is strong due to the presence of many biotechnology companies and community pharmacies in this region. Economies that have the potential of becoming powerful markets are France, Germany, and the UK.

During the forecast period, the Asia Pacific region is poised to experience incremental growth due to expanding the pharmaceutical industry, demand better medical facilities, the growing emphasis on pharmaceutical waste management to curb pollution. The vibrant economies in this region that can become important markets are China, India, and Japan.

The global pharmaceutical waste management market is poised to have a healthy growth over the forecast period (2018-2023). Pharmaceutical waste contains medicinal drugs that are unused, expired, damaged, contaminated or is no longer needed.