April 15, 2020

Bioadhesive Market Insights, Sales, Profits and Global Forecast to 2023

Market Highlights:

The global bioadhesives market is mainly driven by the growing demand for biocompatible adhesives in sutures and other tissue repair application. The demand for the use of bioadhesives in place of sutures has grown in the last few years due to benefits such as the elimination of the need for a second surgery for removal of the sutures and easier application. Thus, the demand to produce bioadhesives with high durability has grown at a rapid pace over the last few years. The ability of bioadhesives to naturally interact with biological materials and substances without causing harm is a major driver for the global

bioadhesives market.

The growing demand for bioadhesives in drug delivery is also likely to be a major driver for the global bioadhesives market over the forecast period. The growing demand for oral administration of medicine is likely to be a major driver for the global bioadhesives market. Orally administered drugs, nasal drops, eye drops, ear drops, etc. all use bioadhesives to achieve a stronger formulation. This is likely to be a key driver for the global bioadhesives market over the forecast period as the demand for non-injected drugs is likely to grow due to the increasing aversion to the same among patients. The growing prevalence of

eye disorders and infections is also likely to be a major driver for the global bioadhesives market, as eye drops are a key application segment for the bioadhesives market.

The global Bioadhesive Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.9% during the forecast period 2017-2023


Key Players

  • Bioadhesive Alliance Inc
  • Camurus
  • Henkel Corporation
  • Ashland Inc.
  • 3M Company
  • Adhesives Research
  • Yparex B.V.
  • EcoSynthetix Inc
  • Adhbio



  • The global bioadhesive market is segmented into material, application, types, and end user.
  • On the basis of the material, it is segmented into the natural polymer and synthetic polymers.
  • On the basis of the application, it is segmented into drug delivery, tissue repair, tissue substitute, packaging, personal care, and others.
  • On the basis of types, it is segmented into plant based and animal based.
  • On the basis of the end user, it is segmented into hospitals, dental clinics, and others.


Regional Analysis:

Europe dominates the global bioadhesive market owing to the large presence of manufacturers and increasing government support for research & development. Moreover, increasing demand for bioadhesive globally leads the manufacturer to increase the export of these products and capture the highest market share of the global market.

The Americas hold the second largest share of the global bioadhesive market as result of increasing focus of various government agencies on the treatment of rare diseases such as ophthalmic and dental. Moreover, the growing public awareness about bioadhesive likely to boost the Americas market.

The Asia Pacific is the fastest growing bioadhesive market across the globe. Rapidly developing the economy, increasing healthcare expenditure, and the government’s initiatives for research & development are projected to drive the market of this region over the forecast period.

The Middle East and Africa hold the least share of the global market due to limited availability of medical facilities.