May 27, 2020

Neuroblastoma Treatment Market Strategies and Forecast to 2023

Neuroblastoma Market – Overview:

Neuroblastoma cases have increased significantly due to a range of factors from genetic to environmental factors. Reports that gauge the healthcare industry have been made available by Market Research Future which creates reports on several industry verticals that review the market growth and prospects. The market is projected to reach a CAGR of 3.7 % in the course of the forecast period.

Increased detection of cases related to neuroblastoma is primarily due to better detection methods and genetic predisposition to the disease. The Neuroblastoma Treatment Market Share is expected to gather traction primarily due to research being conducted to treat the disease as well as better detection and treatment methods. Moreover, better knowledge of symptoms and diagnostic equipment is expected to motivate the market in the coming period.

According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) April 2018 publication, every year, more than 700 children get diagnosed with neuroblastoma in the US and it is also indicated that neuroblastoma is the most common cancer in children younger than 1 year. It is more commonly found in boys compare to girls. The increasing cases of childhood cancer boost market growth during the forecast period.

Competitive Analysis:

The improvements in various domestic economies are expected to motivate the development of the market in the upcoming period. The accessibility to key tactical opportunities leading to consequent stabilization of inflation is anticipated to create promising openings for expansion in the coming years. In the coming years, the influence exerted by relatively high-income levels in nations around the world and the potential gains observed to some of the currencies in the world is expected to reinforce the evolution of the market in the forecast period. The progress of the market is expected to capture increased momentum in the coming years primarily due to the presence of conducive government policies. The growth turnaround in the market is expected to activate new opportunities for expansion of the market. A considerable rise in the number of investors in the market is projected to create an advantageous scenario for the progress of the market in the forecast period.

Major Players:

  • APEIRON Biologics AG
  • NANTGE Healthcare
  • Pfizer Inc
  • United Therapeutics Corp
  • GL Pharm Tech Corporation
  • RxStrategies
  • Aetna Inc

Segmental Analysis:

  • The segmentation of the neuroblastoma market has been conducted on the basis of treatment, diagnostics, and end user.
  • Based on diagnostics, the neuroblastoma market has been segmented into MIBG scan, various tests, imaging, and biopsy.
  • On the basis of treatment, the neuroblastoma market has been segmented into surgery, chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and monoclonal antibody treatment.
  • The end user segmentation of the neuroblastoma market comprises of research centers, hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, diagnostic centers, and others.
  • The neuroblastoma market has been segmented on the basis of region, comprises of Asia Pacific, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Detailed Regional Analysis:     

Geographically, the Americas is expected to dominate the global neuroblastoma market owing to the presence of well-developed healthcare sector, rising prevalence of infant cancer cases, and growing expenditure for the healthcare sector. Europe is expected to hold the second largest position in the global neuroblastoma market owing to the growing number of child healthcare centers for cancer treatment and raising awareness about the treatment for neuroblastoma.  According to the Cancer Research UK May 2018 publication, around 100 infants are detected with neuroblastoma every year in the UK. This provides favorable backgrounds for the neuroblastoma market to grow.

Asia-Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing market owing to the increasing children cancer base and increasing developments in the healthcare segment

According to the Neuroblastoma Australia organization October 2018 article, every year approximately 40 cases of neuroblastoma are indicated in Australia due to some unknown genetic problems which will support the market growth.