November 6, 2019

Cough Syrup Market Global Industry Trends, Competitive Analysis, Demand Overview, Therapeutics and Forecast to 2024

Market Highlights:

The global Cough Syrup Market is estimated to be valued at USD 5,139.63 million by 2026 and is projected to register a CAGR of 3.45% during the forecast period.

Cough syrups are a medication used for the temporary relief of coughs, sneezing, or runny noses due to the common cold, hay fever, or other upper respiratory allergies.

The increasing incidence of respiratory disorders along with the rising air pollution are some of the key trends contributing to the growth of the cough syrup market. Additionally, the growing geriatric population, along with the strong pharmaceutical sector, is boosting market growth as aged people are more prone to respiratory disorders. Furthermore, the market is expected to witness lucrative growth due to increasing product developments.

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