India Diabetes Market Aesthetics, production Overview and Forecast to 2023


Diabetes is a problem that gets triggered by irregularities in the lifestyle. Often the food intake pattern affects various physical aspects. In addition, the sedentary lifestyle is impacting the fitness, which leads to diabetes. It has a direct connection with obesity, which is one of the major reasons behind fatal incidents worldwide. Diabetes can be hereditary as well. People in India are fast becoming aware of the impacts of this disease and are opting for early diagnosis to maintain better health standard. The problem is becoming a concern mostly in the urban areas.

The India Diabetes Market report, as revealed by Market Research Future (MRFR), has a chance to grow with a 6.5% CAGR during the forecast period of 2016 to 2023. By 2023, the valuation of the India diabetes market would reach USD 7441.6 million.

In the report, MRFR discussed the possibilities of achieving growth by benefiting from the opportunities provided by various states to pharmaceuticals. This would be to meet the growing need of diabetes patients. Better exposure to such diseases is helping people understand the consequences of it and influencing them to get timely treatments. Along with this, a hike in disposable income is helping people in focusing on such needs.

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Competitive Landscape:

The India diabetes market is growing rapidly due to the continuous efforts from companies like USV Private Limited (India), Novo Nordisk A/S (Denmark), Novartis AG (Switzerland), Sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC (US), Becton Dickinson and Company (US), Merck & Co., Inc. (US),Bayer AG (Germany), Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.(us), Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.(US),Ypsomed (Switzerland), and others. These companies are investing much in their strategic development to gain leverage from the huge patient pool. Their strategies often include moves like mergers, acquisitions, collaborations, hike in investment for research & development, and various other methods.


The India diabetes market has been studied on the basis of a segmentation that includes type, test, devices, and treatment. These segments would help the market in gaining a better understanding of how to plan strategies by optimally using resources.

By type, the India Diabetes Market report includes gestational diabetes, type 1, and type 2.

By test, the report on the India diabetes market includes random blood sugar test, fasting blood sugar test, initial glucose challenge test, oral glucose tolerance test, and others.

By devices, the report on the India diabetes market can be segmented into Diabetes management devices, Blood glucose monitoring devices, and others.

By treatment, the report on the India diabetes market can be segmented into Bariatric Surgery, Insulin therapy, Transplantation, Medications, and others.

Regional Analysis:

The regional market of India diabetes has been studied to get a thorough understanding of how the market can work in the coming days. This includes demographic challenges in various states and other factors that can ensure growth.

The India diabetes market has been segmented into five definite regions like North, West, East, South, and Central. The western region has the opportunity of achieving better growth with states like Gujarat and Maharashtra showing a decent scope for growth. This is primarily because the zonal awareness regarding the disease is quite high and various market players are getting ample scope to operate. Business is getting favorable winds. The Northern and Eastern markets are also showing ample growth opportunities. However, the North-East segment may find the growth to be slackening as the region has very poor economic growth and accessibility. In the South, the development of some major urban cities would help the India diabetes market in its growth. Regional awareness, the presence of several pharmaceutical companies, and others would ensure that the market gets easy growth opportunities.

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Industry News:

In February 2020, the pharmaceuticals giant AstraZeneca announced that they are launching Qtern tablets that are needed for the type 2 diabetes. This would help the company to make an impact on the market by exploring its possibilities in the region.

In February 2020, researchers from IISc revealed that the malnutrition level in the fetus is growing owing to which Indians are becoming vulnerable to diseases like diabetes.