Magnified view of clipping path

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Clipping path is a vector path, created with the help of a pen tool to cut out the selected portion of a 2D image. It is a process to remove the unwanted background and cutout the useful part of the image.

Clipping path is hand drawn, using different tools such as

. Pen tool

. Lasso tool

. Magnetic Lasso tool

Here are some simple steps to create a clipping path.

· Open the image on which you want to create clipping path

· Zoom in at the edge of the image for better visibility with ‘Command+ in Mac or Ctrl+ in Windows’

· With the help of Pen tool, the path is drawn over the edges of the object and merged back to the starting point.

· ‘Ctrl-Enter’ is used as a shortcut for create a selection of clipping path.

· To save clipping path in windows, click on ‘Create new path’ in the Paths panel. The path is then saved temporarily.

· You can save it by double clicking on it and rename it.

· The path can be saved with JPG, PNG and PSD formats.

In is one of the most commonly used image editing practices and is of great use to those who sell online.

Uses of clipping path

To cutout an object from the image.

To remove the undesired background from an image.

To do image manipulation and group photo retouching.

To increase the usability of the product image.

and much more.

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July 11, 2017
by Sidhant Lakhan

Pro tips for Product Photography

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Images create a strong impact on customers. They can convince the potential buyers to purchase the product and therefore, having appealing product images has become a necessity for online sellers.

In order to get captivating product images which mesmerizes the buyers at first sight, you need to be careful at the time of product photography. While clicking product images, you must keep following points in mind.

1. Keep the background as subtle as possible, preferably white.

2. Place the product in right position according to the frame.

3. Keep a control over lighting. Both low and high lighting can be devastating for a product image.

4. Place the camera at the right angle and also avoid even slightest of hand movements.

5. Hide the flaws of your product and make it look striking with the help of image editing and retouching.

By following some easy tips and tricks for product photography, you can click product images like a Pro and get best possible results . Make your product images stand out from the ones in the competitive market.

July 6, 2017
by Sidhant Lakhan
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