American Airlines Cancellation Policy: terms & conditions

American Airlines cancellation policy

American Airlines is the largest airline in the USA which operates daily flights in both domestic and international regions. However, if you have already booked flights then you can even cancel your bookings. Canceling flights on American Airlines is quite easy. And for canceling flights, users can take help of following cancellation policies.

Cancellation policy of American Airlines

  • If you are canceling your flight within 24 hours of the flight reservations then the airline will refund the entire flight fare without deducting any charges.
  • However, to apply for the full refund, make sure you booked the flight at least seven days before the departure.
  • In case you miss the fight then you won't be able to apply for any kind of refund.
  • The cancellation charges will depend on the type of flight you have booked.

Steps to cancel flights in American Airlines

  • To cancel flights in the American Airlines, visit the official website and click on the manage reservations link.
  • Under manage bookings link, select the cancel flights option. Under the cancel flight link, enter the booking number with which you made your flight reservation.
  • Once your flight details load, look for the flight cancellation tab and confirm the flight cancellation.
  • You can even call upon the helpline number and request for canceling your bookings.

And hence that's all for the American Airlines cancellation policy In case of doubts, contact the customer care team.