How to book an indigo flight using a credit note?

What is the procedure of booking the indigo flight with the help of a credit note?

There can be some urgency when you have to go somewhere and don’t have bucks to pay for the flight. In this situation, Indigo provides us the opportunity of making a booking in the airline where the passengers can create a credit note that the passengers can apply towards the future Indigo flight.

To go for indigo flight booking, these steps can be taken by the passengers. The passengers can even call on the customer support number to know more about this. The executives will provide you with all the information about this.

Booking through credit note:

  • If the passengers have made the booking through travel agents, then they have to contact the travel agents to make the utilization of the credit shell.
  • If the booking has been made through the official website of Indigo Airlines as a member, then you have to sign in to your ID and make a booking. You will not need any OTP. When you go to the payment page, you need then to enter the PNR number of your credit shell, and you will be done.

This is how you can make your booking in Indigo through a credit note.