What is the United Airlines name change policy?

What policy does United Airlines represent for the name change?

United Airlines represents a fair policy to permit passengers for the name change on flight tickets. The need to change passengers' names on the ticket might appear when originally the person has written it mistakenly with minor errors. United Airlines gives the opportunity to update the name on the ticket under some conditions. Hence, the details about the terms given as per the name change policy of United Airlines are discussed below.

  • According to the name change policy stated by the United Airlines, passengers are permitted to modify a name on the ticket only for the minor spelling mistake
  • Or the permission to change the complete last name of the passenger is given in legal matters like marriage or divorce, only after presenting proper certificates of proof
  • Name change on a ticket is allowed only up to 24 before the scheduled departure of flight with a fee amounting 200 dollars on domestic booking and 400 dollars on international bookings
  • United Airlines name change service is approachable on its website through manage booking section or you can call its reservations support team for it

Hence, United Airlines name change policy details are most appropriately discussed above. On the other hand, you also have permission to connect with the United Airlines customer care team for grabbing any further details. You can ask about the name change policy if unable to understand it clearly or get a few other details