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PEGA RPA acquisition of Open Span: An overview

Open Span offers advanced robotic automation and workforce analytics technologies. Then complement and strengthen PEGA systems’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology suite. It’s Business Process Management (BPM) platform, is operating on more than 200,000 desktops. This is a leading global company. For the first time, this acquisition unifies robotics and workforce analytics. This is with case management and real-time analytics. Organizations will experience the advantages of an integrated desktop quickly. Then exploit their experiences and cost savings to rapidly transition. This is into a fully unified CRM solution.

What are the reasons for using ServiceNow?

There are many interesting opportunities ahead of you as a veteran searching for the next major career change, but technology is proving a lucrative choice for those finding flexibility as well as a great paycheck. With the tech sector facing a huge global skills crisis, a new wave of technical employees is in desperate need. And businesses are constantly looking for new ways to fill the holes.

PEGA platform RPA integration with external systems

Modern business apps and the knowledge they handle are hardly self-contained. Integration protocols and principles of interoperability include access to read and write data. You can store it in several record systems. Besides, you can build applications that connect several resources that disperse. PEGA Platform TM delivers a wide variety of data and automation features. This is to ease the challenge of linking the application. You can distribute resources and accessing the processes and data it provides.

Explain about ServiceNow integration hub and Exalate?

For a few years now, “CICD” has become familiar, but what does it mean? Is it all continual integration and continuous deployment? CICD is how fast code for business users transfer between environments. One plugin that is rising widely in ServiceNow is Integration Hub. This plugin provides both pre-build integrations to create custom integrations quickly. Then it makes it easier through the use of standard protocols and packages integration actions. This is into user-friendly, reusable actions for Flow Designer use.

Explain ServiceNow Azure integration

Microsoft Azure is a platform and infrastructure. This is for developing cloud computing development. Let us understand the integration of ServiceNow with Azure.

Explain about PEGA application Case design for PEGA CLSA?

The PEGA application for case management enables the integration of work covered by a single case. For example, three separate sub-cases may be formed in a single customer loan request case, each with its process handled by case managers in separate departments. While a sub-case can be managed independently of the other, users of case management can easily access, consolidate, exchange and manage the mutual work and details related to the initial case

ServiceNow ITIL and ITSM processes

It’s believed that you grasp the distinction between the words ITSM and ITIL in the IT world. Not everybody uses ITSM and ITIL properly, however; some also use ITSM and ITIL interchangeably, magnifying the frustration of everyone. ITSM stands for IT Service Management in ServiceNow, referring to the practical practice of IT operational services management. By comparison, ITIL is a system of best practices on how to set up the organization’s ITSM.

What do you mean by PEGA Testing?

Let’s see how distinct it is. And what makes PEGA a really good testing automation tool? PEGA Testing is away from conventional practices of testing. PEGA has a built-in feature that is known as the AUT or PEGA Automated Unit Test. PEGA is a PRPC developed, licensed, and marketed by Pegasystems (PEGA Rules Process Commander). Automating the program code is its primary feature. Using Java and OOP, PEGA is designed and basically helps to create interfaces for business analysts, systems analysts, and developers. To construct applications in PEGA, these interfaces are used. We at H2K Infosys highly recommend QA online training, a rigorous 100-hour instructor-led, live process training, as PEGA is closely associated with Manual Testing and...

Overview of ServiceNow ticketing tool

Riding on the back of one of the fastest-growing tech-SaaS markets. ServiceNow has become a major player in the digital transformation of the software. So much so that, beyond software-as-a-service (SaaS). They have almost created a niche of their own, called platform-as-a-service (PaaS). The business reported subscription revenues of $585.3 million. This reflects a 45 percent year-on-year increase.

Explain ServiceNow instance and developer instance

ServiceNow uses a single-tenant architecture, which ensures that each client in the cloud receives its copy or several copies of ServiceNow. These copies are known as instances of ServiceNow. Users can access an instance via a web browser using a specific URL for each instance.