How to choose the handpan

Sometimes people ask us how to choose the handpan and now we are going to give you some useful tips:

  1. Choose the handpanmaker that you like, which instruments are good for you, their sound and appearance, the master or workshop are nice and communicative.
  2. Talk with the master or the one who is selling pans, you should feel confident and good answers, and the man should be nice to you, because it's much better to talk with nice people, agree?
  3. If you are near the handpan maker you like, the best of all is to play by yourself! You can try different scales, maybe size if the maker has different sizes (we have 3 sizes of SoHung). If you don't have any maker close to you — listen to the video, lots of video to choose the scale and the pan.
  4. Feel the music of the pan with scale you have chosen. You should like it a lot, you should feel melodies of the pan, feel that it has lots of music for you. If not — try other scale or maker.
  5. Ask the maker or workshop about nitriting, brassing and other. How the pan saved from rust?
  6. If you have the pan in life and choose — check the pan with tuner, check every note, it should sing clear.
  7. If the pan has any color, art, etching and other — ask if it stays long, what to do to save the appearance in a good way for long. Also find out what influence it has on the pan, on the sound and other. You should know what oil use to clean the pan and keep the art or what it has on.
  8. If you want to travel with your pan, look for smaller pans — 48-49 cm and smaller (SoHung has 43 cm diameter pan). It would be much easier to carry on it on planes and other. Light, compact - that's the best.
  9. Ask the workshop what do they use to send the pan —hardcase, softcase, box with fillers and other. The best is to know that the pan would be saved while coming to you.
  10. Order the best case for your handpan. Really. If not, you can spoil your handpan one day and to retune it would cost a lot. More than to get good case at first. So think twice about this before refuse getting hardcase.
  11. Take your time and better buy handpans from workshop, so you will have guarantee that they tune your pan for free or for lowest price. If you buy from reseller you never know what you'll get.

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