How Author Promotion Helps Book Promotion

Even authors who generally shy away from the spotlight need to get out and promote to sell copies of their books. When it comes to how to market a book, the traditional promotional methods include stories in magazines, newspapers, and websites, and interviews on TV, radio, and podcasts. Authors who are visible in the media help their books stand out from the thousands of others published every month. Also, the internet continues to expand promotional and advertising opportunities for books. Online audiences are often smaller, but they are often highly targeted and, therefore, valuable.

Time-tested tactics such as press releases, articles, and radio talk-show interviews remain among the most cost-effective book marketing methods to promote an author. While they unquestionably help authors get the public's attention, there are newer methods that are becoming must-haves as well. The first one is a website, which is something that has become essential. It is the centerpiece of author promotion and book advertising and acts as the home base for all online book marketing efforts. You don't need to go for over-kill, but a well-rounded website with user-friendly content is vital.

Book and author websites, need to be attractive and professional -- and feature a related blog from which you, as the author, can make posts routinely. They should be about publications, appearances, and other events. Blog posts also should be added and linked from your social media pages. On that topic, it's crucial to have an active social media presence. You can discuss your books and connect with fans. While it is okay to promote something occasionally, much of your content should be genuine and useful. Authors who use the hard-sell on social media do not do as well. You'll quickly find what works best.

Guest blogging in places with established traffic also is an excellent author and book promotion tactic. Reach out to well-known bloggers with offers to write and contribute content – you also can try to be interviewed by the blogger if they show interest. Guest posts are mutually beneficial to you and the blogger, and because blog readership often reaches the thousands, you'll gain new potential readers. If possible, try to include a backlink to your website in your guest post so readers can click to find more about you and your book. As you make several guest posts, you'll increase your website traffic.