ISO 27001 Certification

ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (also known asISO 27001) is an International Standard on how to manage information cyber security. The standard was originally published jointly by the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission in 2005 and then revised in 2013. It is the best-practice approach that helps organizations manage their information security by addressing people and processes as well as technology.

Meaning and purpose of ISO 27001:

ISO 27001 Certification was developed to help organizations, businesses of any size or any industry, in order to protect their information in a systematic method and cost-effective way, is nothing but Information Security Management System (ISMS). Perhaps this particular standard provides any companies with the necessary to know - how to protect their most important yet valuable information, but a company can also get certified with International Standard Organization 27001 and in this way, they can prove to their customers and partners that they safeguards their data in a very precise manner. Because it is an international standard, ISO 27001 is easily and well recognized all around the world, increasing business opportunities for any organizations and professionals.

Benefits of ISO 27001

  1. Systematic detection of vulnerabilities.
  2. Low cost and control of IT risk.
  3. Confidentiality of Information.
  4. International recognizable.
  5. Minimizes the Risk Exposure.

How do One get ISO 27001 Certified?

The International Organization for Standardization does establish standards, it does not certify them. They instead rely on certification bodies to conduct audits and issue official certification. One has to completely follow the procedure to get ISO 27001 certified.

The Process includes -

1.Certification Audit

  • Stage 1 Verification of ISMS documentation.
  • Stage 2 Confirmation of ISMS Efficacy.


  • Audit documentation includes evaluation of the management system.

3.Certificate and Seal

  • Proof of successful certification with duration of 3 years.

ISO Certification in Jordan

JORDAN is an Arab nation, which is a middle eastern country on the east bank of the Jordan river, with a population of over 10 million, is defined by its ancient monuments and nature reserves. The economy of Jordan is classified as an emerging market economy. โ€˜Ammanโ€™ is the capital and the largest city of Jordan. ISO 27001 Certification in Jordan works magnificently as it has a number of industries.

How ISO 27001 Comes with Cyber Security for the Banking Sector?

The amount of information data stored electronically today is enormous, and that statistic figure will only be increasing over the period of time. As the cyber information and the cyber attacks are proportional to each other. There comes a constant threat that the information may be used for the erroneous purpose. Therefore, ISO 27001 standard provides organizations of any size and industry a framework for securing and protecting confidential and sensitive data. With the help of ISO 27001 certification and consultants the banking industry can gain profit as they collect a huge number of personal information from their clients.

Explore how FINECERT is going to help you with ISO 27001 Certification:

We at Finecert, help you secure your valuable information and minimize the risk exposure or threats from such various sources. We provide ISO 27001 certification which is an international standard certification which is known as best practice in information technology. This certification will aid your company to manage and protect your precious information assets and valuable data. Implementing ISO 27001 certification will help your company gain manifold and consistent benefits. Not only it will help you in keeping your confidential data secure, it will inculcate a lot of confidence with your stakeholders and customers, seeing how you are safeguarding and looking after your data against security threats. Also, this certification facilitates and mandates other regulations and all the legal obligations are made certain as well. Finecert provides this certification along with the assurance of high security of information data and ultimately enhances customer satisfaction, providing you a competitive edge in gaining your clients. ISO 27001 Consultant in Jordan aims to deliver organizations that have a great regulation system so that they can operate more constructively. We are one of the leading and recognized ISO 27001 Certification consultants and our ISO 27001 Certification cost in Jordan is a very economical cost to every other sector.

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