Why and how be one hard motherfucker

Why be a hard motherfucker? Because otherwise life is hardly worth living, for a man.

A journey from

  1. be selfish with your time. It is the only resource that you really possess
  2. Focus for prolonged periods of time. This is a cornerstone. If you are fidgety and have ADD-like symptoms, force yourself. Force yourself till it work
  3. Morals is 50% excuse for weakness and 50% power-play cover-up. Virtuous people do not talk about morals
  4. A man is defined through his physical dominance. If you are physically dominate, you have social power.
  5. Through working on his own body a man learns virtues of holding himself accountable, keeping his promises to himself. He learns value of work and disciplin, and learns also how beauty is brought into the world.
  6. Distance yourself from contemporary matters as much as possible within the limits of your goals. Focus on history, science, great works of art. Stop consuming modern cinematic/literary content. If you've seen game of thrones already, the damage is done. But stop now. DO NOT watch any contemporary netflix or disney before you have seen all of Bunuel, Visconti, Fellini, Zurlini, Antonioni, Wenders. Most likely you will have a gag reflex developed for modern cinema by the moment you're done. Same goes for literature. While there are modern literary geniuses (just like we have David Lynch in cinema), you should read Homer, Virgil, De Coster, Goethe et cetera before Palahniuk, Pelevin, and Delicious Tacos.
  7. If the damage is done, make sure you don't add to it. It is neither ever late or early to develop your destiny and your manhood
  8. If you study Freud — read Freud. If you study Darwin — read Darwin. Second-hand sources are 99% pathetic maggots sucking the remains of a giant's blood, and the good second hand sources are valuable after you've known the source first.
  9. Music. This is a big one. Completely exclude all modern music that has lyrics in it and/or digital sounds. Only listen to instrumental music. if it is contemporary. But generally you must switch to classical music. Also eliminate digital sound. Listen to music live or on analog devices. Headphones are NOT GOOD. It is another false god of a modern age.
  10. It is good to alternate between lowcarb and high-sugar periods. But high sugar mus b brown, mixed in with colonial drinks, like tea and coffee.
  11. Do. Not. Follow. What's. Happening. For at least a year. You need to develop a perspective and a filter — to tell surface from depth. A lindy-detector. Important news will manifest themselves in your life w/o any twitter reading.
  12. Read about the lives and deeds of great men. Again, not modern authors, but rather those who lived in the period or not long after it.