November 12, 2019

It’s Time to munch Healthy!

Are you craving for lip-smacking brown squares? No doubt we all love chocolates and who doesn’t want to enjoy the gooey and chewy bars! And it is damn hard to resist even for a small bar of chocolate. Soon after completing it you will hunt freezer for some desserts, it is good to binge over them but sweet things would be best in moderation. No one wants to coat those refined sugars your waistline forever. So, what is the alternative? The best one is you go with organic snacks!According to USDA sources, one standard chocolate bar consists of 32-54 gm of sugar against 25-38 gm of a healthy bar and this qualifies a major reason why you should quit eating sweets and desserts. Its excess consumption also leads to various health issues like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. But sadly, it is very hard to resist our craving for sweets and desserts. So, instead of giving up them completely, you can satisfy those sweet cravings by healthy substitutes from any organic food stores. We have many organic food stores available online who are offering some good tasting and quality of organic snacks in Hyderabad. Vibrant Living Foods is being the leader of organic snacks in Hyderabad, where it has been curating a varied range of super delicious and uber-healthy organic snacks for people.  With no added refined sugar, preservatives you can satisfy your sweet tooth with health and mouth-watering treats! Referring to those trending health bars, we are presenting the organic chikki bars by adding our signature healthy twist to them. We have some awesome range of organic chikki bars right from almond banana bars, organic nut and seed chikkis, walnut and date bars, and more.  literally, all of them are super nutritious, easy on the stomach, and grab-n-go health bars. While speaking about the kind that you pack as a break time snack and those time snacking healthy can be confusing and most of the people feels it’s difficult too. In today’s on-the-run life, grabbing clean, healthy, and complete meals sounds like a luxury, there exist our flavorsome organic chikki bars do the best favour!So, what are your snacking options? And how can you get them? Our sweet treats add a nutritional boost to your palate and life too where that may be difficult to find most of the online organic food stores. Coming to Vibrant Living is the authorized and genuine supplier of food and organic snacks in Hyderabad, where you can expect the quality and taste at its best.  We bring fresh organic produce directly from the farm to your table. One of the renowned organic food stores in Hyderabad that is loaded with all kinds of good stuff, like organic chikki bars, organic nuts and dry fruits, chips, crackers, and we also supply coconut-yogurt based healthy desserts in Hyderabad. we are delivering the unique healthy desserts in Hyderabad where we made them with no added sugar, preservative, especially they are dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan.One of the leading organic food stores that has been offering gourmet food that come with a package of all essential proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants and as well as full of health benefits. Our pocket-size healthy organic chikki bars differ in their composition of nutrients based on ingredients used in them and power-packed with the goodness of delicious flavours & textures, no doubt they top your list of superfoods. Vibrant Living Brings you healthier and appetizing organic bars and organic nuts and dry fruits to fix your sweet binge. So, avoid munching on risky chocolates and head on to some healthy yet flavorsome eating! For exciting and nutritional treats visit to shop a wide range of tasty treats. visit us:Website address: address: support@vibrantliving.inPhone no: +91 9849633356