Find CBSE Schools in Coimbatore with Hostel Facility

Children who go to CBSE schools in Coimbatore with hostel facilities gain a sense of independence and learn essential life skills early on. It has been shown time and again that many graduates from residential schools have an edge over their peers. A good number of them go on to become influential leaders in their respective fields of endeavours.

Just as regular secondary schools differ in terms of how they run their institutions, residential schools are also different from each other. Here are some guidelines on finding the ideal CBSE school in Coimbatore with hostel facilities for your child.

What is the school's curriculum?

Before you are caught up in the quality of the school's dormitories or residential accommodation, you should pay attention to the curriculum, first and foremost. Their academic programs and extracurricular activities will reveal a lot about the quality of education that your child will receive. Take a look at their official website, browsing their pages to know more about what their values are and get a bigger picture as to how campus life will be.

Are co-educational schools preferable?

Some residential schools are exclusive for either boys or girls. Others are co-educational, which means that they accept both boys and girls in their hostels. However, the dormitories for each gender are separated to respect the students’ needs and boundaries. The right choice depends on your personal preferences.

What do the hostel facilities look like?

It is very important to personally attend open houses and visit the dormitories. As parents, you surely want to see for yourself the living conditions offered. You want to make sure that the dormitories are clean and well-maintained. You also want to know that there will be adults supervising and guiding the students. After all, most of them are in their teenage years and still have little to no idea on how to live on their own.

Do they have available medical facilities?

The best CBSE schools in Coimbatore with hostel facility also have clinics or infirmaries open 24/7. Should there be an emergency, their school doctors and nurses are able to provide immediate medical care.

What other facilities and school amenities do they have?

To ensure high-quality learning and living experiences, international residential CBSE schools in the country offer various sports facilities and recreational spaces. They maintain a holistic atmosphere to encourage students to socialize, participate in programs, and be one with the school community.

About the Author:

SSVM Institutions is a day cum residential school located in Mettupalayam and Coimbatore, Tamilnadu India. The school is affiliated with the CBSE Board. The school was founded in 1998 and is a co-educational institution. They offer an exceptional education in a diverse Indian and International Community. Inspired by our Indian environment and our inclusive Indian tradition, they develop visionary, eloquent and ethical students equipped to achieve their fullest potential in leadership and life.