How Essential is Roof Insulation?

Roof's safety is essential. Unfortunately, homeowners do not pay enough attention to their roofs. If they wait, problems arise. Increased energy bills, leakage, infestations, and even mold development are common problems. A safe roof is a secure, cost-effective roof. Roof installation or replacement is one of the most important investments one can make. In fact, the privacy of a home is vital to its ultimate effectiveness.

Maintain Temperature

The roof contributes to about 25% of the home's heat loss. The insulation retains the heat of the house, offering a sturdy exterior that leads to energy conservation, warmth, and a healthy interior. StarRFoam's StarRGard Plus Continuous Insulation is the best option for both residential and industrial insulation.


Roofing insulation can serve as a tool to prevent leakage. When the roof is found to be damp, one should check the insulation. One may need to patch or replace them. Our StarRGard is a lightweight, closed-cell, robust insulation that is suitable for leakage.

Home Value

Although insulation may appear as a minor component of a household, it directly increases the value of a home. A secure, state-of-the-art Roof can add value to a home. Our StarRFoam Holey Board is what you need to add value to your home.

Deters Mold Growth

Insulation also stops mold growth. It eliminates common areas of mold growth, reducing the spread of mold spore and direct growth alike. StarRFoam Flute Filler is a closed-cell, lightweight, rigid insulation manufactured from expanded polystyrene that prevents mold growth. When one face excessively cold or hot conditions, it might be time for roof insulation or replacement. StarRFoam is a pioneer in the innovative polystyrene industry. We offer a wide variety of items to suit both industrial and residential EPS needs.

All Homebuilders and Contractors want to use quality insulation products at competitive prices. At StarRFoam, we understand every project is an opportunity for you to establish a reputation and brand. Our range of insulation product guarantee not only cutting edge technology, quality, and commitments but also huge profit. Call our marketing advisors at 800-722-6218 for business opportunities. Visit to check out our commercial and residential EPS products, partner with StarRFoam for business success.