GeoMedia – Flexible & Dynamic GIS Mapping Software

GeoMedia is offered within the Producer Suite of the Power Portfolio of Hexagon AB. It allows users to gather, process, analyze, and understand raw geospatial information to deliver usable information. This comprises Hexagon Geospatial’s desktop-based GIS, remote sensing, and photogrammetry offerings. GeoMedia is a dynamic and flexible GIS Software that permits users to combine data from a variety of sources and analyze them in harmony to extract clear, actionable data. It also provides real-time access to geospatial data in almost any form and displays it in a single unified map view for effective processing, analysis, presentation, and sharing. GeoMedia’s capability makes it perfect for extracting information from a range of dynamically changing data to support making informed, smarter decisions.

GeoMedia Key Features

Superior Data Access - GeoMedia provides users with the freedom to spend less time trying to connect to your data so that you can focus on what you exactly want to achieve with it. GeoMedia is one of the prominent GIS software solutions among users who need to connect directly to the spatially- enabled databases they already use—such as Oracle, SQL Server, and PostGIS data server—without using importers or converters. Moreover, the software can access most common geospatial file formats, most computer-aided design (CAD) formats (MicroStation and AutoCAD), Esri’s ArcView and File GeoDatabase, KML, and simple text files.

Data Validation and Quality Assurance - GeoMedia streamlines the accumulation of a large volume of data to your enterprise database, ensures that the data complies with your standards for completeness, and matches the data model your organization uses. It allows you to integrate multiple data sources with different schemas into a single, high-quality source.

GeoMedia can monitor and control changes, once the data has been incorporated, letting you view specific changes made by users, and create a quality assurance checkpoint before the database is updated. It also enables the resolution of any conflicting or uncertain changes.

Sophisticated, Dynamic Analysis - GeoMedia offers the power to perform dynamic analysis to extract information from data stored in various databases on different platforms and a variety of different files, all at once. It also allows you to generate queries of unlimited complexity, creating and linking queries together so that the results of one query feed into another query dynamically.

Spatial Modeler - GeoMedia offers Spatial Modeler for visually controlled simple to complex workflows using raster and feature procedures. GeoMedia Spatial Modeler enables you to process files, data, or other information that earlier needed programming or building GeoMedia custom commands.

Geographic information software (GIS) is a tool for collecting, managing, and analyzing several types of data. It can analyze spatial location and organize layers of data into visualizations using maps and 3D scenes. ​With this unique ability, GIS exposes deeper insights into data, such as patterns, relationships, and situations—helping users to make smarter decisions. GIS software allows you to create maps and other graphic displays of geographic information for analysis and presentation. With these abilities, a GIS is a significant tool to visualize spatial data or to build decision support systems for use in your organization. Many organizations in virtually every field are using GIS to make maps that communicate, analyze, share information, and solve complex issues around the world.

Other vendors of GIS software are Autodesk, Inc., Bentley System Incorporated, Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (Esri), General Electric, Pitney Bowes, Topcon Corporation, Trimble Inc, AmigoCloud, Takor Group, Maptoss Technologies, Manifold GIS Software Limited, Beijing Unistrong Science & Technology, Champion Instruments, Golden Software, and SuperMap GIS Software, etc.

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