What Size Solar Power System Do I Buy?

What Size Solar Power System Do I Buy?

Solar is the need of an hour. It is becoming necessary to install a solar power system in your homes and offices. There are many benefits of Solar systems in cities like Brisbane where you can face power cuts.

Installation of the best solar Panel Installer in Brisbane requires much research and knowledge. You must measure the size of your home and look at the budget before choosing the solar power system. This article will help you to choose the best solar panel in your home.

Things to know before choosing a solar power system for the homes

1. Roofs For Solar Panels

Roofs For Solar Panels

The solar power system can be installed only on particular roofs. You must look at the roof of the home before taking a solar power system. Further, it is necessary to renovate your roofs to install the solar system.

If you stay in the rented apartment, you can share the expenses with the owner. Besides that, you can also choose the common solar power system for your apartment.

2. Amount Of Energy Used Per Day

 The second thing you must see is the amount of energy used in your homes. For that purpose, you must see your energy bills. This will give you an idea of the average energy consumption.

In addition to that, you must look at the amount of daylight that you get per day. Then you can install the 1kW solar power system for the home. Furthermore, tools like PVWatts and others will help to know the exact size of the system and location.

3. Own The System Or Lease

Own The System Or Lease

This is an important thing you must decide before choosing a solar panel. Buying your own solar power system and lease options have benefits and limitations. You can use a solar system for a long time after purchasing it. On the other hand, leasing may give you only limited benefits.

Leasing the solar power system can give benefits for a short time. At the end of the lease period, the company takes away the solar system.

4. Type Of Solar Power System

 The solar power system comes in 2 types. The first type is photovoltaic system and the second type if the thermal solar system. In the photovoltaic system, the cells convert sun rays into electricity. On the other hand, the thermal solar system makes use of sunlight to heat water and air for indoor uses. If you stay in a home that receives more sunlight, you can select the thermal power system.

Additional things to consider before choosing a solar power system

·       Size Of The Solar Power Installer

Size Of The Solar Power Installer

Every house consumes approximately 25kWh of solar power. So, the best option is to install 5kW Solar Panels in your homes. This panel will generate more solar energy to use during the daytime.

Further, the size of the solar power installer depends highly on the size of your homes. If you have large homes, you can pick the 10kW solar panel.

·       Number Of Solar Panels

The number of solar panels depends on the size of your home. If you have a small roof, you must keep fewer solar panels. This will surely affect the efficiency but you can buy better-performing panels for small roofs. On the other hand, you can install more panels on your large roofs to get more efficiency.

·       Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Some solar panels include battery storage systems while some do not contain the storage systems. You must first decide whether you want to use the battery soon or store it for the night time.

Further, the battery storage system will help you to store enough solar energy during power cuts.

·       Hours Of Sunlight

Every home receives a different amount of sunlight. If you stay in the hot region, the solar system will produce more energy. On the other hand, your solar panels will generate less solar power in the cold regions.

You have to install more solar panels if you have a large size. On the other hand, you need fewer panels if your home receives more sunlight throughout the day.

·       Reliable Installer

You cannot hire any unskilled or amateur technician to install the solar power system in your home. Before hiring anyone for the solar power project, you must ask about work samples and credentials. Apart from that, you must also check the references to get the best Solar Power System in Brisbane.

Further, the company must give a lifetime warranty during the installation of solar panels. It must fix any problem that arises in the future.

Other things that you must see while signing the contract of solar power installer

·       Insurance


The process of solar power installers can cause damages to the home. It is necessary to ask whether the company provides insurance in case the roof or your home is damaged. Apart from that, you must also contact various authorities and ask about laws, rules, and regulations.

In addition to that, you must be aware of building codes. You must also see whether the company has required certifications to install the solar power system.

·       Maintenance Rules

It is important to maintain the solar panels after the process of installation. While signing the contract, you must see whether the contractor provides maintenance procedures. These procedures will extend the life of your solar panels.

·       Rebates

Every customer wants rebates on the installation process of the solar power system. While signing the contract, you must ask your contractor about rebates. Asking about rebates will give you savings as well as tax credits. Furthermore, you can get more benefits at affordable prices.

·       Warranty

When the contractor offers a warranty, you don’t have to spend money during damages. You should also ask about various warranties like solar panel warranty, inverter warranty, and installation warranty. Further, the warranties will reduce your cost of maintenance.

It is a one-time investment when you decide to install the solar panel system in your home. These factors will definitely help you to get the right solar panel in size, budget and efficiency.

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