Hear The Sound of Silence: Novel Acoustic Insulators Set to Make Your Home More Peaceful

After spending a day listening to blaring horns or listening to someone’s head rock playlist, you want to come back to your peaceful and quiet home. However, once in a while you found yourself restless as some neighbor starts to drill holes in the wall and feel you should have thought about making your home soundproof.

Acoustic design is a complex aspect of architecture. This includes controlling the noise that enters the home from outside as well as spaces between rooms or noise caused by mechanical systems. For this purpose, there are several materials available in the market.

What is acoustic insulation?

Soundproofing and acoustic insulation materials are used for both noise reduction and noise absorption. Insulation helps prevent airborne and structural sound transmission in a building. The market for acoustic insulation has skyrocketed over the last few years.

According to Allied Market Research, the global acoustic insulation marketis projected to reach $14.63 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 5.9% during the period from 2014 to 2022. Driven by stringent noise pollution standards, rise in the construction industry, energy efficiency advantages offered by insulation materials, and surge in R&D to introduce more advanced soundproofing materials, the industry is expected to manifest significant growth in the coming future.

Advent of novel insulating materials

Schöck, the global leader in the construction industry, recently launched a new acoustic insulation solution, Tronsole. The solution is for all structural subsections on both straight and winding staircases. In addition, the solution consists of perfectly integrated impact soundproofing elements that unite dependable sound insulation with straightforward installation.

Moreover, the solution offers unparalleled thermal performance for both standard and passive house construction. The company declared that the solution is completely supported by a variety of downloadable software and al BIM developments.

In other news, Advanced Insulation also launched its Contraflex acoustic insulation jackets. The new product is said to be an adaptable solution that can protect personnel from high sound pressure levels. According to Advanced Insulation, this new solution could revolutionize the application process with its combination of mass-loaded barrier and absorbent material.

With the new announcement, the Contraflex quickly become a trending topic in the oil and gas industry as those workers are frequently exposed to a variety of different mechanical noises such as pumps, turbines, and valves & pipes.

There is no limit to innovative ideas. Scientists have discovered a particular shape that blocks all the sounds. A team at Boston University recently developed a 3D printing ring that makes the blasting sound from the speaker completely inaudible to the human ear. A few years ago, scientists proposed to use fibers from orange tree pruning as an acoustic insulator. A team of researchers at the Universitat Politècnica de València and the Universitat de Girona. The team has developed an insulator that proved to provide a 150% improvement in the acoustic insulation compared to conventional insulators.

In today’s time, when noise pollution has become a pressing issue, incorporating soundproofing measures into design ensures the home’s peace and quiet. Instead of placing one earmuff on another, you can invest a few bucks and get yourself an acoustic insulation for your home.