October 19, 2020

Winning Strategies for Playing Table Tennis

No doubt, having a professional table tennis table makes the game more exciting. But it's how you approach things as a player that also makes a difference. For example, advanced beginner and intermediate-level ping pong players are beginning how to add several strategic approaches to their play. For anyone who intends to become a proficient player, learning about the distinct styles of playing is essential. One was to do it is to watch others play, and the other is reading up on the sport. There is some technical terminology that needs to be leaned as interest in the game and proficiency improve.

Traditionalists throughout the years have defined table tennis playing styles in three ways: attackers, blockers, and defenders. When considering each of these styles, a defining factor is the speed a player places on the ball. But also, the importance of spin never can be underestimated. Along with speed, spin has been the most crucial factor in identifying the playing style. Today, however, there are newer ways of considering a player's style that have to do with aggressiveness. It also takes into account how each stroke is played. A couple of examples are defensive top spinners and aggressive back spinners.

A complete list of the ways to lay table tennis would include various styles of penhold that range from pips-out to loopers and backhand. Also, there are two-wing hitters and loopers, one-wing versions of each and push/blockers, classic defenders, and modern defenders. Each player is unique, and there are nuanced ways to play with any of the styles. Some players are difficult to categorize because their style is so personal to them. When someone is going to be your opponent, that's when it's most important to consider their style – because it determines how you play well against them

Your local table tennis center will be the best place to talk more about the sport with others interested and take it seriously. Spending time there will allow you to join the conversations and play against people with various styles. Observing others and studying their play will also give you ideas about how to improve your own. It won't be a long time until you hear someone referred to as a blocker or a two-wing looper. In the beginning, you'll be the only one needing to understand more about what those mean. But soon after, it will all make sense, and you'll understand.