July 16, 2020

How to Select Table Tennis Rubbers

Selecting the table tennis rubbers best suited to your game is one of the crucial decisions any player will make. You need to give serious thought to the rubbers you should be using for everyone from advanced beginners through intermediate players and pros. The most important consideration is the way you're hoping to play. Different styles benefit from various rubbers, and it's crucial to think through both your forehand and backhand strokes. Likely, you do not hit the ball the same way on both sides. In those cases, you want a different rubber on each side to sharpen your game.

On the other hand, some players can benefit from using the same rubber on both sides if it suits their style well. It can also be an excellent idea to talk with an expert about your options – choose a coach or advanced player whom you respect. It's ideal if you can have them observe you play and make suggestions based on what they see. The wisest players seek several opinions and compare the ideas before making a choice. Once you have some ideas, it's ideal to try out the rubbers if you can find a way. If you can find a player who uses any of them, see if they'll let you take a couple of shots.

Another possibility is to borrow the rubbers and try them on your blade. It's worth mentioning that rubbers can feel very different depending on the blade. Some players have equipment pools with other players allowing each to test a variety of rubbers. When testing a rubber, make sure to check all of your shots and then play several matches using them. You need to decide if you like the feel and how they change your game compared to your old rubbers. Be future-focused in your thinking because you're trying to select rubbers that help you play the game you want to play. It's not about the familiar.

You also need to think through the attributes and game impact. For example, attackers don't need a rubber known for chopping well, and defenders don't need a rubber for quick attack shots. Make sure you expect an acclimation period once you buy new rubbers. Give yourself ample time to adjust to the characteristics of the new rubber, and don't become frustrated or give up too soon. Try to stick with the new rubbers for at least a few weeks and see if you notice yourself become more comfortable. Playing style evolves and develops over time. You'll need to grow into your desired new style of play.