July 28, 2020

What to Look for In Table Tennis Tables

Many ping pong players like the idea of having a table at home. You certainly want a good quality model, and possibly a folding one if space is an issue. But also, there's no need for a professional table tennis table until you're playing at a very advanced level. If you play at a club, or the homes of friends, pay attention to the tables to get an idea of the ones you like the best. Before you buy, it's wise to consider several factors, similar to the thought process you'd have before purchasing other large items. There are many price levels in tables, and they naturally correspond to quality in general.

Most people buying their first table tennis table are well-advised to focus on the lower end of the price ranges. It's not because you don't deserve excellent quality but rather more to see if the sport holds your interest and you continue to play. If the table will be at home, others will likely use it and might be rough because they're playing more for fun than to be serious competitors. In the future, when you've begun to develop playing skills and become more serious about the game, it will be time to step up from your middle-of-the-road table. By then, you'll have a clear idea about what you like best.

While you're table shopping, don't overlook the net. Excellent quality nets are available at budget-friendly prices. Some are held on by spring clamps, and others screw on. In general, the screw-on type is sturdier based on most player's experience. Make sure you select a new that can be tightened on each side. Generally, there's a cord running through the top of the net that's used to tighten it. You want one that stays tight and firmly in place without moving. Nets that become loose can be significantly aggravating, and you want to avoid them. You'll have many choices and make your selection wisely.

When you're setting up your net, it should be 15.25 centimeters in height. Even if you're only playing with friends and family at home, it's a good idea to check for the proper height. If you go on to become a more serious player, the net is a factor, and you want to become accustomed to regulation height. Quite a few of the higher quality nets allow you to raise and lower them, which is a nice feature, but stay at 15.25 centimeters in general so that you don't pick up bad habits as a beginner. You'll quickly find that table tennis is a physical and cerebral sport, especially if you learn to put a spin on the ball.