Does not generate static electricity

If the blower is used under a malfunction, it may produce strong radiation. 4. Separate the hair into two parts and dry it, so as to prevent the hair from being piled up together, making it difficult to dry and prolong the use time of the hair dryer. When using the hair dryer, do not let your head be too close to the hair dryer, keep a certain distance, and let the wind dry your hair slowly. It is best to blow the hair half-dry and turn it off, and let the hair dry naturally.

As long as the hair dryer is used in the correct way, it will not cause harm to the human body. Don't use the hair dryer for a long time. As long as there is current passing, there is ionizing radiation. Because the products sold in large stores have quality assurance, they will not be inferior products. Many pregnant women also use hair dryers during pregnancy, worrying about the radiation effects of hair dryers. Once again, understand the price of a product, generally you get what you pay for. In daily life, the reason why mother-in-law asks pregnant women not to use hair dryers is for the good of pregnant women and their fetuses.

Because the health of pregnant women is not only related to themselves, but also related to another little life. If the power of the hair dryer is relatively large, be careful of its radiation, use it as little as possible, and use it once a day. What hair dryer has low radiation? First of all, you should buy a hair dryer from a regular channel, preferably in a large store. If the hair dryer is too cheap, it is best not to buy it, because the radiation may be large, because the quality of the internal parts is not good, and radiation may be generated during operation. However, the radiation of the hair dryer is very small, so buyers China straightener brush do not need to worry.

Although the appearance of hair dryers has nothing to do with radiation, manufacturers that even pay attention to the appearance of hair dryers will not pay attention to the quality of hair dryers. Compared with ordinary hair dryers, the biggest advantage of negative ion hair dryers is that it has health care effects, does not generate static electricity, does not damage the hair, and can make ions enter the human lungs through breathing, stimulate various organs, and thus produce effects. Secondly, check the quality of the product carefully. If a pregnant woman affects the health of her little life because of her wrong behavior, even herself will feel guilty. Hair dryers are household appliances that everyone often uses. In addition, the ions it produces can also make the virus lose its ability to attack activities.