Forget E-Commerce, the future is M-Commerce!

The shift to mobile is not something that will happen in the future, it is something that began years ago and is increasing in importance year on year. However, this change in consumer’s digital demands should be embraced as an opportunity rather than a threat to traditional commerce.

Gone are the days when people flocked to bank branches, eager to sign up for lifelong bank accounts, loans and mortgages. Gone too are the times when local brick-and-mortar shops dominated markets. Today, organizations are being challenged by agile startups, rapidly changing customer expectations and new regulatory frameworks that encourage innovation and competition.

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What is mCommerce?

mCommerce refers to commercial (monetary) transactions carried out using wireless electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches. mCommerce is also well known as m-commerce, mobile commerce or M-Commerce. Using mCommerce apps created by developers providing the best mobile app development services, users can perform many operations such as:

  • Buy and sell products or services
  • Pay utility bills
  • Perform online hotel banking
  • Book tickets
  • Call a cab
  • and other such important activities

Benefits of mCommerce for businesses

According to research, people spend nearly 90℅ of their time on mobile apps when they are using their mobile phones. Isn’t this something great for businesses to focus on boosting their sales? mCommerce apps are a great marketing tool for all enterprises (small, medium and large scale). mCommerce provides a realm of opportunities for businesses that they can capitalize on.

Mentioned below are some advantages that mCommerce offers to businesses and enterprises:

  • Widening the customer base:
  • Quicker purchases:
  • An effective marketing tool:
  • Enhanced customer experience:
  • Lowered cost

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