Telegram as social network

Telegram is much more than just a messenger. With its functionality for channels, uploading files, programming bots, it becomes a full-fledged content channel.


Why do you have to watch Telegram?

Over the last year and a half so much attention has been paid to the TON block-platform that Telegram has ceased to be "just a messenger".

Let's imagine what's good about Telegram without the long-awaited blockchain?

1. Convenience .

A cart, as people call a messenger, is really high to use. Small unobvious chips, the ability to create channels for all needs, listen to music, record unlimited voice messages and a dozen more little things that users adore.

2. Faith in security

Let's face it, the security services don't care about the correspondence of most of us. But even the possibility of interfering with people's privacy is unpleasant!

Durov proved the security of messages (in secret chat rooms*) during hacking contests and subsequent correction of vulnerabilities.

3. Lack of advertising and Anti-Scam service.

There's no advertisement inside the messenger and there won't be any. Any mailing list from unknown users can be marked as spam or prohibit "non-contacts" to write to you.

4. Personalization .

Everything is customizable, any themes, wallpaper, sounds, notifications, even an application icon! Candy, isn't it? Especially for those who like to play. One problem - only five fixed chat rooms.

What would be the prospects for a messenger without a blockbuster?

Just as we've seen for the past year and a half. There is no blockchain, but the audience is growing and remains (!) at the expense of all the above.

Telegram is a social platform and chat that takes care of your privacy. Those who are not already using it should start at least to think about it. There you can set up discussion groups, news feeds, private communication. And over time, the Telegram may also allow to send cryptocurrencies, such as GRAM, created by Telegram author Pavel Durov.

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