Microsoft has started an online conference and so as not to clog the feed, here is a pack of news for you at once

Microsoft has started an online conference and so as not to clog the feed, here is a pack of news for you at once. Most of it is niche and geek news, but I was curious. The post will be updated as new items are added:

- PowerToys Run is a replacement for Windows+s, a simple launch for applications and opening files. It is very similar in behavior to Alfred for MacOS.
- Azure Arc, a system similar to Outpost's AWS, allows you to use some of Azure's services in hybrid and even alien Azure clouds, such as deploying SQL Database in Amazon. It's clear what they're fighting for - for corporations that are afraid of the vendor-lock
- Azure Synapse Link: a new service for the Enterprise that uses "hybrid transactional-analytical processing" to enable significantly faster data analysis. I don't understand anything.
- It was officially admitted that they bought Softomotive, an automation system in the middle between IFTTT and Shortcuts. The amount of the deal is unknown, they say they will improve Power Automate (so renamed Microsoft Flow)
- We promised to improve WSL in the near future (now WSL2) - a subsystem that allows you to run Linux applications directly in Windows. The improvements list promises GUI support (i.e. its X11 implementation and transparent forwarding from WSL).
- New - Windows Package Manager, a system that allows you to install applications directly from the command line, as in Unixes and Macs. Surprisingly, 20 years have passed and winds almost caught up with Linux in this respect.
- say they've built a new, exclusive supercomputer for OpenAI with 285,000 cores in Azure. The task is to launch together with OpenAI "massive distributed models for AI"
- Fluid Framework - a framework for live editing of office documents, assembled in the Onsource and is a kind of designer. It is not yet clear when exactly it will be delivered to the Onsource, but the demo looks curious
- In our markets, almost no one knows Airtable, it is essentially an illegitimate child. Microsoft has launched its analogue Airtable - called Lists, will be available to all users 365
- Another project with an attempt to unite development for Win32 and UWP, so called Project Reunification
- In Edge browser you can find tips from pest, search in the side bar, support for WIP (for the Enterprise) and other small features. In general, the browser on Chromium and nothing particularly interesting (for me) is now not
- My favorite subject: Cloud for Health. A toolkit for creating telemedicine services, with a wide range of