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Foreign language students

Foreign Language - May 13 is the final exam date. But I will put everybody 25/30 plus reflection points out of 10 (I will text it back to your mail, so check it every day).

If you don't wanna have 25/30 (avtomat), then text me, I will get to you when I can. I will assess you on IELTS scale.

I will take questions from here:

So you can have a little practice now. Don't worry, it's a usual speaking interview.

Reading and Writing students

May 5 is the final exam date, so I will be able to put marks from May 5. But I will put everybody 25/30 plus reflection points out of 10 (I will text it back to you mail, so check it every day).

As discussed before, you can write the Final essay until May 7th. In this case, I will change your 25/30 mark for that you will get for the essay.

If you need some essay writing tips, try this site:

The task for the final exam is the same (I will copy from the previous post):

Final Exam for Reading and Writing

Since this is the Reading and Writing course, I want you to read and write. I will make it as easy as I can for you. So:

  1. Read the article in the telegram chat (Article by Michael Fullan and Andy Hargreaves, two very powerful educators of our time). It is quite long, but very interesting.
  2. Write an essay in 1000 words, discussing this article from the position of a future teacher. Answer these questions to get the ideas of what to write about:
  • What is the main idea of the article? What do the authors say about professional learning and development of teachers? Do you agree to this?
  • Why is the article named "Bringing the profession back?" Do you think that it's relevant in Kazakhstan? Do we need to bring the profession back? Do we need to improve education?
  • How would you personally improve education in KZ?
  • What kind of teacher will you be in the future? Do you already teach now? What kind of teaching methods do you use or will you use? Why?
  • Do you think your students will benefit from your classes? Do you think you will change their lives? How? Why?
  • What was the teacher that changed YOUR OWN life like? Why did they (he or she) change your life? How?

You will be given marks for this (out of 30 points maximum):

10 points for the text analysis: the ideas from the article that you will write

10 points for the independent analysis: situation in KZ, your own future teacher career

10 points for the use of English: grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, structure

Send me a worddoc only to my corporate mail.

Final deadline: May, 7, 23:59

Each day after the final deadline will take 5% out of your mark.