Final weeks for Foreign Language students

Let's recall the assessment criteria first:

20% for participation and interaction

20% for the demo-lesson

20% for the project work

10% for the individual written reflection

30% for the Final Exam

We are approaching to the end of the course, so let's discuss the reflection and the final exam.

Individual Written Reflection - 10%

The aim of this task is to see what you think you have been doing throughout the course. To reflect on your own experience means to:

  • to recall all lessons, activities, your own demo-lesson, your own project presentation, as well as those of your teammates and classmates
  • to read the feedback provided for your lesson (in the telegram chat we have ALL padlets we have ever worked in)
  • to think what you did great, to write about the great things happened in this course
  • to think what you did wrong, to write about unsuccessful attempts you took in this course
  • to think about how these exercises (demo-lessons and project presentations) helped or not in your own teaching career (which started already)
  • to think about your future: will you use these exercises or something we have covered in the lessons in your future classroom? or maybe you already use them?

Answer these questions in 1000 words. The format is free. Please send the worddoc only to my corporate email (

Deadline is April, 30.

You will get marks for this:

  • 5% for the content (your own ideas, answers to the questions above)
  • 3% for the use of English (grammar, punctuation, vocabulary)
  • 2% for the references to the padlets (for example: I think I am good at designing presentations. In the padlet feedback to my lesson some students wrote "The design is great")

The final exam

The book we covered is English File Intermediate. Ideally, your levels should be intermediate or higher now.

It means that in any formal, widely accepted test you should show intermediate or higher.

In IELTS, the score for intermediate level starts with 5.0. So if (according to IELTS mark scheme) you score 5.0 and higher, your level is intermediate, therefore, you have successfully completed the intermediate level.

So, I suggest us taking an IELTS-like speaking interview. It will last for 10-15 minutes. I will ask questions as in the IELTS exam, and I will assess your level and give some recommendations and feedback.

The time of the speaking interview will be decided in the group.

You have the opportunity to have the "автомат" if you agree to 25/30 points for the final exam.

If your score, for example, are:

55 for pre-final

10 for reflection

then you can have 25/30 => you'll get 90/100.