Critical Thinking Finals

Two things: the individual written reflection (10% of the final mark) and the final essay (30% of the final mark).

Individual written reflection

A student writes 250-words reflective essay:

The aim of this task is to see what you think you have been doing throughout the course. To reflect on your own experience means to:

• to recall all lessons and activities
• to think what you did great, to write about the great things happened in this course
• to think what you did wrong, to write about unsuccessful attempts you took in this course
• to think about how this course helped or not in your own teaching career (which started already)
• to think about your future: will you use the critical thinking or systems thinking in your future work? what about your future life? relationships? or maybe you already use them?

Answer these questions in 250 words. The format is free. Please send the worddoc only to my corporate mail (

Deadline: July 6th

Final essay

Disclose this topic in 250-350 words:

How and why to implement systems thinking and critical thinking in your lives?

You will get points for:

10% - use of English: grammar, vocab, punctuation

10% - academic writing: structure, logical connections between ideas

10% - content: strong argumentation and support to your ideas

Deadline is July, 9th.

Plagiarism is not tolerated: if there is a case, you will get 0 immediately.

Every day after the deadline takes 5% out of the total 30% mark.

The essays should be sent only to my corporate email.

Good luck!