Weekly sessions for the "Assessment" students

Weeks 2-11 of the Fall semester will be concentrating on the fusion of the theory presented in the book ("Testing for language teachers" by Hughes) and the practice.

There is the Blended classroom technique used in this course. That is to say, all students should read the chapters before the lesson. For instance, if the week's topic is in chapter 3 of the book, chapter 3 should be read by the students.

Each week, students form groups of 2 or 3, thus becoming the "Week leaders". Their function is this:

  • read the topic's chapter before the lesson
  • given that all students read the chapters, organize a lesson presentation, summarizing the chapter and eliciting the key points
  • test other students' knowledge of the chapter by Kahoot, questions-answers session, etc. in order to be sure that everyone read and understood the topic
  • include a practical implementation of the theory (e.g. if the topic is about reliability, ask students whether the Kazakhstani school exams are reliable, etc.)
  • in the second lesson, create a different assessment technique (an exam, an essay, a survey, etc.) and suggest other students to take it. Test the knowledge of the topic.

Other students should be active and responsive.

Good luck! Form groups and take weeks, do not be afraid, I will assist you on every stage of the lesson.

See you in my class!