How to interview your peers on a topic of major interest

Hey everybody! I will write about today's assignment that was to interview a focus group on a chosen topic: "How to maintain work-life-study balance, being a MSc student?"

I will start with the tips on how to interview people:

  1. Make up questions: luckily, we had created 8 questions together.
  2. Find a comfortable place to interview your peers. Sit in circle, smile, and show your positiveness. Put a happy face (Joker, 2019, dir. Todd Phillips)
  3. Consent and assure the participants that no personal information will be disclosed, and that the interview will be recorded.
  4. Interview each other on the questions. Take notes.
  5. Analyze and interpret the data.
  6. Represent the data in the form of an article/blogpost/etc.

Now I will provide my own reflection of the interview that I took from my groupmates, 4 Master of Science students. To facilitate the process, I will reflect on the tips.

  1. The questions were really interesting, e.g. "How do you understand life balance?" It is important to create questions that cannot be answered with "Yes" and "No".
  2. We've found a place with soft mini-sofas. Thanks to NU for this!
  3. I asked their permission to record the interview. They all responded positively.
  4. I asked 8 questions to my peers. In case they did not know how to respond, I paraphrased the questions to make it easier to answer. I took notes.
  5. The data will be analyzed and interpreted in the form of visual tables.
  6. I hope I will manage to write an article, presenting the findings of this case study.

To summarize my reflection, I can state that the interview was really interesting for my peers and myself. Thanks to Dr Anna CohenMiller for this task.