Aquarius 2020 Love Horoscope

You can be detached and aloof in a relationship. Closeness makes you uncomfortable, and for that reason you do better with group relationships than intimate ones. Your friendly and breezy approach to love makes it difficult for you to maintain a long-term relationship. You'd rather be friends than husband and wife. Ideally, you are suited to live-in relationships, open marriages and third party love affairs.

Your logical approach to romance makes it easy, you think, to resolve mutual conflicts. But, at the first sign of excess emotionalism or complicated problems, you're headed for the door, the bowling alley, a political meeting, or any quick exit you can make. If you ultimately want a marriage or serious commitment, find a mate who is a friend and shares your humanitarian approach to life.

The fellow air signs, Gemini and Libra, are your best mates. With Libra, you'll have a dazzling social life and shared intellectual interests. With Gemini, you'll be mentally challenged. Sagittarius is independent and secure enough to tolerate your involvement in charitable or social causes, and may even join in. Aries is adventurous and exciting and encourages your escapades. Leo is a fireball who motivates you, but is just as stubborn as you in your thinking.

Daily Love Horoscope

Another Aquarius makes a good mate as long as your interests coincide occasionally. Now well take a look at the least compat-able signs: Scorpio is difficult, possessive and secretive— something you just can't tolerate. Taurus is indulgent, and not the least bit interested in your intellectual pursuits. Cancer is moody, emotional and clinging. Capricorn is stuffy and conservative, and can't understand your progressive thinking. Virgo is too reticent and unassuming for your broad outlook, and Pisces is sweet, shy, and retiring and bores you after a while.

Your best dates for romance are March 3-29, April 6-May 21, June 11-July 6, July 30-August 23, and December 22-31. The Full Moon on June 11 foreshadows a highly social time, and the one near December 5 can turn an innocent flirtation into a full blown love affair! If looking for a new romance in 2020, try your own neighborhood. Get involved with picnics, sports, street parties, and neighborhood associations. You could meet an Aries, Sagittarius, or Gemini. When the spring flowers bloom, so may a new love affair.