@goldfinch_fi is an interesting new project that will allow new startups to attract financing directly on terms that suit them, without the participation of intermediary banks. The loan system is designed in such a way that the decision to open a pool for borrowers is made on the conditions that most fully suit him, as well as after a full pre-channel audit of the borrower by auditors. As a result, the borrower receives funds from the pool, and depositors receive a profit from the verified investment. The pool of borrowers is formed by means of a verified smart contract, the main conditions are the interest rate, the limit, the frequency of payment, the full repayment period, the late payment fee. Borrower pools consist of 2 parts: the senior and junior tranches, non-interchangeable tokens (NFT) are used as control, which excludes fraudulent actions during operations. Sponsors are engaged in evaluating borrowers and provide the most risky part of the capital to their pools. In this regard, a higher remuneration coefficient is set for them. It is much less risky to provide liquidity when many other sponsors are already providing it with liquidity, and the pool of senior participants has already added current funding. It is more risky to be the first liquidity provider in the pool of borrowers. To encourage sponsors to provide at an early stage, the protocol provides an additional reward in tokens to all sponsors who contribute at an early stage, with a decrease in the amount of remuneration for subsequent sponsors as the pool of borrowers reaches its limit. The protocol assigns a reward when the sponsor provides, but the reward is not immediately claimed. The percentage of remuneration to be claimed is proportional to the percentage of the full expected payment of the principal amount plus the interest successfully paid by the Borrower. This ensures that the sponsor receives the sponsor's early reward only after the pool of borrowers proves valuable for the protocol.I think the project is very promising, as it removes many obstacles to the development of business financing.