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Nurly Zhol

This place is park, park called as Nurly Zhol. Nurly zhol means Bright Road. The park was opened by our President Nursultan Nazarbayev in 2017. According to the architect, two steles of the monument, made in the color of the flag of Kazakhstan, symbolize the connection of two continents - Europe and Asia. Steles combine by shanyrak, over which an eagle flies. The eagle is made of gold.


It is our East Kazakhstan Regional Drama Theater. In 2015, the building was also solemnly (солемнли) opened by our President. The theater is designed for 600 seats, it has rehearsal rooms, there is a small auditorium. The building has cozy dressing rooms, ballet (балей) and music halls.

Ethnographic museum

This is East Kazakhstan Regional Architectural-Ethnographic and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve (Восточно-Казахстанский областной архитектурно-этнографический и природно-ландшафтный музей-заповедник). We are about to have an exhibition "Kazakhstan by the eyes of the Chinese".

Central Square

This place is a Republic Square. It is quite popular place in city in some holidays, because here are always some events, celebrations, games.

By the way recently we had a Nauryz Day, actually it is still Nauryz Day, so Happy Nauryz Day. Nauryz is kazakh New Year and we have 5 days of holidays because of this Day, today is one of them. So almost whole city celebrated Nauryz here, played traditional games, drank nauryz kozhe and had fun here. (We can tell smth about Nauryz Soup if they ask).

That is a building of an administration of our city. This is a monument to the Kazakh poet, enlightener and thinker, classic and founder of the Kazakh national written literature Abai Kunanbayev. The total height of the monument is 42 foots. The weight of the figure is 780 stones. And these are the words of edification of Abai. They are written in 3 languages so you can see english version on the back side of the stone. Totally he had 45 words of edification and he died when he was writing the 46th.

There are singing fountains that are covered with something until May. Fountains just dance, act to the tact of music. Behind the fountains is the mosque Muhammadi, it is smaller than the one in which we were.

Alley of enamoured (енамыд ыыы) (Alley of people in love fuxkkkk)

This is our city ​​quay (кий). Also popular and beautiful place of the city. Here people just walk with their family, children, pets, some people like to jog here, and of course it is favourite place of lovers, because here starts an alley of enamoured.

arch (ачч) - арка

This is a sculpture of mass graves. The remains of participants of the fighters for Soviet power of 1918-1919.

mermaid (момейд) - русалка

lock - замок

scarf - платок

jog - бегать

ancestors (ансестос) - предки

newlyweds together close the locks here for a strong and long marriage, and tied scarves (скавс) mean success in life.

March 24, 2019
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