What is hydroponics and how is hydroponic farming done?

Hydroponic can be defined as a method of growing plant without any involvement of soil. In this method the plants are grown in water which is mixed with minerals and nutrients. The basic concept behind hydroponic is to give the direct nutrition to the plant root through nutrition solution and by giving proper oxygen which is good for growth of plant. Hydroponics is named as subset of hydroculture, one of the quickest developing soil-less cultivating practice at a worldwide level, utilizing mineral supplement arrangements, in water without soil.

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Hydroponics Market

Aqua-farming plant becomes 30-50% quicker when contrasted with a dirt plant, when developed under same conditions. The supplements in the hydroponics framework are treated with water and sent to the root framework. Additionally, tank-farming planting requires less water than soil cultivating as they continually utilize supplement arrangements.

Top Key Players:

  • Aerofarms
  • Terra Tech Corp
  • Triton Foodworks Pvt. Ltd.
  • Freight Farms
  • Bioaqua Farm
  • Homestead Hydroponic Farm
  • Emirates Hydroponic Farm
  • Indoor Urban Farming GmbH
  • Green Sense Farms
  • Farm.One

Hydroponics is a unique method of growing plants using only water and soil less medium such as clayrocks, rockwool etc. You can either do it yourself or buy all equipped hydroponic system that comes inside steel cabinets, often termed as 'grow cabinets'.

Types of Hydroponics System:

1. Wick system

2. Water culture system

3. EBB and Flow system

4. Drip system

5. N.F.T system(Nutrient Film Technique)

6. Aeroponics

Plants which are terrestrial are grown through this technique by dipping there root in the water solution. The nutrition which are used in hydroponic system generally comes from artificial nutrient solution, Chemical fertilizer and many more.

Plants like tomato, cucumbers, pepper are grown in hydroponic system and it show great results.

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