May 17, 2019

Digital Power Management Multichannel IC Market 2018 by Type, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast To 2026

Power Management Multichannel IC is an integrated circuit that controls the direction and flow of electric current. It has become an integral part of electronic devices for power management purposes. It is used in battery operated devices such as portable media players and mobile phones to reduce the amount of space required. It is also used for voltage regulation owing to increase in the requirement of step-down, step-up, and voltage inverting functions. Thus, it is used to carry out multiple functions such as power source selection, voltage scaling, DC-to-DC conversion, battery charging, and power sequencing in electronic devices.

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Power management multichannel ICs provide improved battery and overall device performance. Therefore, they are an inherent part of consumer electronic applications. Thus, increased use of consumer electronic devices is directly driving the power management multichannel IC market. Apart from consumer electronics, they are also preferred in industrial applications factory automation, human-machine interface, smart meters, motor drives, etc. owing to their ability to provide scalability and distributed power management. However, integration of multichannel PMICs is anticipated to be complex for multi-power domain chips. This is expected to limit its applications to an extent.  In spite of this, the digital power management multichannel IC market is expected to grow at a double digit CAGR during the forecast period.

Digital power management multichannel IC can be segmented on the basis of product type, application, and region. On the basis of product type, the digital power multichannel-IC market can be segmented into integrated ASSP power management IC, voltage regulator, battery management IC, motor control IC, and others. Amongst all, voltage regulator segment is expected to dominate the market followed by battery management IC. On the basis of application, the digital power management multichannel IC market can be segmented into telecom & networking, consumer electronics, automotive, and industry. Amongst all, consumer electronics is expected to account for the largest share during the forecast period. On the basis of region, the digital power management multichannel-IC market can be segmented into Asia-Pacific, South-America, Middle East & Africa, and North-America. Amongst all, Asia-Pacificis expected to be the most lucrative digital power management multichanne IC market owing to large consumer electronics industry and high number of power management multichannel IC manufacturers based in the region.

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The key players operating in digital power management multichannel IC market are Renesas Electronics Corp., Qualcomm Inc., STMicroelectronics N.V., Linear Technology Corporation, NXP Semiconductors NV, Analog Devices Inc., Qualcomm Inc., Dialog Semiconductor Plc, ON Semiconductor Corporation, Maxim Integrated Products Inc.,and Texas Instruments Inc. among others

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