May 21, 2019

Metal Stamping Market Will Reflect Significant Growth Prospects during 2018-2028

Metal Stamping is a process that use dies to transform flat metal sheets into shapes. Odds are you have a product in your home that has parts created throughmetal stamping because it is a process used in everything from your household appliances to automotive industries. Global Metal StampingMarket was valued USD XX million in in 2018, the market is expected to grow with the CAGR of XX % in the forecasted period and to reach USD XX million by 2028.

Market Dynamics:

The increasing utilization of sheet metal in automotive industry and consumer electronics is expected to drive the demand for stamping as it is used in manufacturing automotive chassis, transmission components, and interior & exterior structural components of electronics.Increasing usage of sheet metal across consumer electronics and automotive industry is expected to positively impact the growth of metal stamping market. Low raw material prices has been witnessed to compliment usage of light-weight corrosion resistive metal stamping for enhancing stability of electrical & electronic and consumer electronic products.

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Key Players:

The Metal stamping market consists global and regional players includingAlcoa Inc., Haitong Metals, D&H Industries, Inc., Martinrea International Inc., American Industrial Company, ThyssenKrupp AG,Hayes Lemmerz International,Magna International Inc., Harvey Vogel Manufacturing Co., Dongguan Fortuna Metal Stamping Company, and American Axle & manufacturing, Inc.

Market Segmentation:

The Metal stamping market is bifurcated on the basis of application, process and region. On the basis of application, the metal stamping market is classified into Automotive, Industrial Machinery, Consumer Electronics, Aerospace, Electrical & Electronics, Telecommunications and Others.Consumer electronics is expected to emerge as the fastest growing application segment for stamped parts on account of the growing utilization of lightweight components to improve the durability of electronics. Further, based on process the market is fragmented into blanking. embossing, bending, coining, flanging and others.

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Metal stamping market by region segmented into North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Middle East & Africa. In 2017, Asia-Pacific is expected to dominate the metal stamping market due to rising capital investments by oil & gas companies in exploration activities, deep-water projects, and refining base expansion, particularly in India, Indonesia, and Malaysia, are factors expected to propel market growth.

Market segmented on the basis of application:

– Automotive

– Industrial Machinery

– Consumer Electronics

– Aerospace

– Electrical & Electronics

– Telecommunications

– Others

Market segmented on the basis of process:

– Blanking

– Embossing

– Bending

– Coining

– Flanging

– Others

Report Description:

Market segmented on the basis of region:

– North America

• US

• Canada

• Mexico

– Europe

• UK

• Germany

• France

• Rest of Europe

– Asia-Pacific

• China

• Japan

• India

• Australia

• Rest of Asia-Pacific

– Latin America

• Brazil

• Rest of Latin America

– Middle East and Africa (MEA)

• South Africa

• Saudi Arabia

• Rest of MEA

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