May 22, 2019

Insulated Bags Market Will Reflect Significant Growth Prospects during 2018 - 2028

Packaging needs of the masses are gradually evolving with the introduction of new, cost-effective materials and packing products. A range of packaging solutions available for industrial as well as domestic applications are putting customers into a disarray, where selecting between products with competitive advantages is becoming more complicated. Lunch box is one such common packaging product extensively used in our lives. Food packed in lunch boxes becomes a primary source of nutrition for working professionals across the globe, the safety of which is of paramount importance. And, considering the benefits of multiple packaging technologies available today, manufacturers as well as consumers for lunch boxes are expected to be driven more towards using thermally-insulated bags or boxes over general purpose containers.

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From a technological standpoint, insulating packaging bags or insulated bags exhibit a comparatively greater performance in preserving biodegradable content such as cooked food. Maintaining specific temperature range, eliminating the need for temperature-controlled transportation, and lowering the use of heating or cooling processes are factors boosting the demand for insulated bags in domestic food packaging purposes.

Concurring to this, an upcoming research study by Trends Market Research gauges the impact of rising demand for temperature-control packaging on the global sales of insulated bags, particularly in household food & beverage applications. Since harmful bacteria rapidly multiply in 40-140 °F temperature range, this study also aims at revealing how low moisture susceptibility, mechanical strength, ease of fabrication, and other characteristics of insulated bags will influence consumer packaging demands in future.

Global Insulated Bagsmarket is mainly classified on the basis of material used, industries, and geographies. Retailers’ now-a-days keeps first-hand knowledge on demands and purchase habits of the consumers which they inform to the upper stream of manufacturers in the supply chain

Plastic-free Insulated Bags to Keep Lunch Safe

Recently, a Kickstarter campaign by Clean Lunch Bag, manufacturer of lunch bags, has drawn the attention of the public eye towards ground-breaking application of insulated bags. The campaign aims at developing a new product which will be non-recyclable, yet bacteria-ridden, and will keep lunch more secure than conventional lunch bags.

Considering how a major proportion of lunch bags used in the world are made from plastic, this new product is expected to use insulated bags made from non-plastic materials. This novel lunch bag will be insulated with wool offcuts, which will eliminate food contamination caused by exposure to insulated plastic foam in plastic lunch bags. Entry of such products may change the dynamics of global insulated bags market in the years to come.

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Insulated Bag-in-Box Packaging –New Opportunity

On the other hand, manufacturers of insulated bags may also pay heed to new technological interventions in the packaging world. LGR Packaging, a French packaging manufacturer, has developed an innovative product – Freez-BIB – which introduces insulated bag-in-box (BIB) packaging technique. This patented innovation is expected to boost the application purview of insulated bags, and also call for convergence in the global markets for insulated bags and insulated boxes. With availability of integrated cooling system, the Freez-BIB technology can also give rise to lunch boxes made from insulated bags that can store cold edibles such as ice-creams, desserts and chilled beverages. Ongoing innovations in insulated packaging technology are likely to boost the presence of insulated bags across multiple packaging applications where maintaining temperatures and product conditions is hypercritical.

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The prominent players in the Insulated Bags Market are: Coleman,Wildkin, Everest, Engel, Arctic Zone, Mammoth, Arctic Ice, Dometic, Xiamen Ason Products Co. Ltd, Green Bag America

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