May 24, 2019

Dehydrated Food Market Expectations & Growth Trends Highlighted until 2025

The dehydrated food market is gaining popularity over the years to come owing to increasing requirement for food products, with a longer timeframe of authentic usability along with seasonal products, all over the year is backing the expansion. In addition, the steady increment in the requirement for food producers to conserve food products is driving the requirement for dehydrated foods, in the years to follow. Contamination of raw material & ingredients, growing implementation of the drying-at-home technique in addition to the harmful impacts of additives is the significant pressure to the market. Buyers are selecting gluten-free diets consuming fewer calories, attributable to a variety of health concerns, additionally inciting them to receive other more beneficial alternatives like normal dried food products, and so on, in this manner, pushing a few different makers to include gluten-free dried food contributions to their products portfolio. Furthermore, a rising concentration on outdoor activities is one of the growing trends foreseen in the dehydrated food market.

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The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) names dehydrated foods as those products having a water content, not over 2.5%, which is separated via dehydration to halt or slow down the expansion of spoilage microorganisms, as a result, keeping dehydrated foods for a longer time period. The dehydrated food is classified into various categories namely dehydrated fruits, dehydrated dairy products, dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated meat products along with others. The meat products among all these categories are foreseen to capture the maximum market shares and trailed by the dairy products category. Growing demand for an improved year in the order of accessibility of canned and processed meat products amid the producers is considered to bolster the requirement of dehydrated meat products over the years to follow. In addition the dehydrated vegetables and dehydrated fruits categories are believed to reflect a favorable expansion. This is on account of increasing requirement of seasonal vegetables and fruits.

The worldwide market for dehydrated food market is considered to receive a maximum contribution from North America. In this market, the U.S is considered to be the real contributor on the basis of revenue trailed by Canada. Growing utilization of meat products in North America is considered to help the demand for dehydrated food products all over the region. Europe is additionally anticipated that would be one of the major contributors in the dehydrated food market on the basis of revenue trailed by the Asia Pacific. Amid all the nations in Europe, the United Kingdom is believed to contribute the maximum over the years to follow. In addition, on the basis of the production of dehydrated food market of China might be one of the major manufacturers of dehydrated food products. Also, China is one of the biggest meat products manufacturers alongside prime manufacturer of different occasional seasonal vegetables and fruits. This will possibly add towards huge market expansion.

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The market players are coming up with new product innovation and launchings. For instance, a startup based in Asia utilized solar energy to preserve and dehydrate seasonal produce, aiding forestalls undernourishment amid women farmers and rural women. Bolasco Import GmbH set in motion reduced-sugar dried cranberries for the customers who would like an indulgence without guilt. One of the world’s biggest handlers of dried fruits, Sunsweet Growers, has named FCB Kuala Lumpur in its territorial agencies. This makes it the first time in which a US-based organization partnered with an agency to make an amalgamated, regionally driven movement in Asia-Pacific region. The agency by now works with Mondelez, Beiersdorf, Ajinomoto and Mi Sedaap. A few of the worldwide players active in dehydrated food market are Ting Hsin International Group, General Mills Inc., Unilever China Ltd, House Foods Corp, Ajinomoto Co. Inc., Kraft Foods Inc and Nissin Food Holdings Co. Ltd. amid others.

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