Attractive Market Opportunities in the Global Medical Imaging Phantoms Market by 2025

Medical imaging refers to different imaging techniques used to visualize parts of the body, organs or tissues to aid in clinical diagnosis, disease monitoring and treatment. Medical imaging phantoms are devices used as substitute of human tissue which ensures that medical imaging systems provide reliable and quantitative information. These help in providing improved medical imaging technique, speedy clinical trials of drugs, and consistent, accurate, and optimal results.

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Demand Scenario

The global medical imaging phantoms market was USD 117.24 million in 2018 and is estimated to reach USD 146.56 million by 2025 at a CAGR of 3.24% during the forecast period

Growth by Region

North America leads market owing to the high adoption of superior technologies across all end-user segments, investments in cutting edge research, rising emphasis on remedies for diagnosis concerns and the presence of some of the world’s major pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations. Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa are expected to gain market share during the forecast period which is attributed to large number of underserved patients, rise in proportion of urban population, rise in prevalence of chronic disorders and surge in awareness about medical imaging phantoms, favourable insurance policies and rise in disposable income of people.

Drivers vs Constraints

The advantages offered by medical imaging phantoms such as improved medical imaging, reduced exposure to radiation, increase in efficiency of medical devices and rise in the adoption of advanced imaging methods are some of the factors that drives the growth of the medical imaging phantoms market. Some of the factors such as cost concerns, human resource & time constraints, and highly complicated maintenance are anticipated to restrain the global market in the near future.

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Industry Trends and Updates

Development of a universal medical X-ray imaging phantom prototype is undertaken which should be easy to use and would have features like automatic data analysis, pass/fail reporting, and corrective action recommendation. In addition, the presence of a universal phantom would especially be of value in low-income countries where finances and human

resources are limited.

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