January 2, 2020

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Market – Overview on Future Threats by 2028

Liquid ring vacuum pumps (LRVP) play an indispensable role in maintaining precise levels of pressure in a system. These pumps find their application across various environments, from larger industrial to home applications. With an extensive variety of sizes and shapes, liquid ring vacuum pumps enable industries and companies in meeting the demands of business operations.

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Global LRVP Market to Register a Steady Growth through 2028

The global liquid ring vacuum pumps market is projected to register a steady growth at XX% CAGR during 2018 to 2028, according to a study by Release Report Insights (TMR). The market is estimated to reach revenues worth US$ XX Mn by 2028. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are the best choice in seawater de-aeration, owing to their economical pricing, and corrosion resistant properties, rendering them immune to seawater. This has resulted in rising adoption of LRVP for seawater de-aeration, which in-turn is expected to propel the market growth of global LRVP market.

Factors Influencing the Growth of the Global Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Include

• Introduction to low water consuming pumps

• Increasing preferences for high-cost high-capacity liquid ring vacuum pumps

• Broadly expanding applications among general process and chemical industries

• Stringent regulations by EPA

• Lucrative opportunities in the regions of Asia

• Rising mergers & acquisitions between prominent market players

• Soaring demand from power, and oil & gas industries

• Continuous innovations by manufacturers

HEI introduces Fifth Edition of Performance Standards for LRVP

Vacuum pump technology forms an essential ingredient across many industries. Versatility & ruggedness of LRVP renders it an ideal choice for several applications such as power generation equipment, petrochemical, food production, seawater de-aeration, vapor extraction, ground water remediation, and pharmaceutical. Adoption of liquid ring vacuum pumps includes adherence to performance standards. The Heat Energy Institute (HEI) recently released the fifth edition of performance standards for liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors.

The new edition depicts continuing program of HEI to update its standards for reflecting latest technological advancements in heat exchange equipment.The fifth edition of HEI’s performance standards for liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors encompasses factory testing. On the other hand, it may be utilized for field testing, considering availability of necessary equipment, as per HEI.

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Benefits of Using LRVP Include

• Liquid ring vacuum pumps are manufactured based on ISO9001 standards

• LRVP require extremely low maintenance, which adds to their appeal

• LRVP are available in iron, stainless steel and bronze fitted materials

• LVRP possess the capability of ingesting huge quantities of soft solids & liquid without causing any mechanical damage

Tomlinson Hall Shortlisted for Pump Industry Awards 2018

An award-winning manufacturer and distributor of pumps, Tomlinson Hall (Billingham) is on the run for two national awards. This company has been shortlisted for Pump Industry Awards 2018, in the category of Distributor of the Year, organized by British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA). Tomlinson Hall has been approved as a global distributor of several leading pump brands, offering total service to the industry. The company also manufactures an innovative LRVP, called Liquivac, capable of performing operations across a wide range of industries. Rolling out Energy Check Reports in the previous year with Grundfos Pumps, Tomlinson Hall offered customers to make substantial energy savings on pump systems.

key company profiles

Dekker Vacuum Technologies Inc., Busch Vacuum Technics Inc., Flowserve Corporation, Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Atlas Copco Airpower N.V., Gardner Denver Nash LLC, Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems, and Graham Corp. are some of the key players that constitute the competitive landscape of the global liquid ring vacuum pumps marketplace."

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