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Machine Learning with PySpark

Apache Spark comes with a library named MLlib to perform Machine Learning tasks using the Spark framework. Since there is a Python API for Apache Spark, i.e., PySpark, you can also use this Spark ML library in PySpark. MLlib contains many algorithms and Machine Learning utilities.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning (ML) is an application or a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is among the most powerful and highly influential technologies today. This technology helps instill the ability to learn and function in machines and computer systems without the need for any human supervision.

ML Remains The Most In-Demand Tech Skill Post COVID

The year 2020 has witnessed some massive transformations of the decade with countries going under lockdown and millions of professionals losing their jobs overnight. Post seven months of isolation, when things are now beginning to return to normal, businesses have started looking to survive the post-COVID era. With tech professionals becoming a critical asset amid this crisis, companies have started putting out their resources for recruiting the right tech talent to remain relevant. And, thus, there has been a gradual rise in demand for professionals with advanced technical skills.

Learn Tableau Data Visualization

This Tableau tutorial for beginners will help you learn Tableau data visualization basics, so you can become a Tableau certified professional. This Tableau tutorial also helps you learn Tableau dashboard, reports, tables, data blending, workbook and more. Learn Tableau online from Intellipaat Tableau training in Hyderabad Madhapur and excel in your career. You will understand the Tableau architecture, Tableau components like Desktop, Server, and Online.