More than 50 optimizations AIWAY AI-OS new version upgrade

On February 3, AIWAYS officially released the AI-OS version 1.6.1 of the vehicle software intelligent system to AIWAYS U5. After the upgrade, AIWAYS U5 will usher in more than 50 optimizations in visual interaction, entertainment applications, voice control, remote control, endurance performance, etc., and add more than 10 additional items such as power supply for external devices, live monitoring in the car, and driving behavior rankings. Function to bring a new experience to users.(Read more: harga toyota yaris)
1) Incarnation of "Mobile Power Bank"
Specifically, the power supply of external devices is one of the key new features brought by AIWAY AI-OS 1.6.1 version. After the upgrade, the 2021 AIWAY U5 will be transformed into a "mobile power bank", which can not only achieve a maximum power of 6.4kW The V2V vehicle-to-vehicle discharge function of V2V provides emergency charging services for other electric vehicles. It can also provide 220V power output with a maximum power of 3.3kW for electric kettles, lights and other electrical appliances, bringing users a better outdoor vehicle experience.
Aiming at the problem of reducing the battery life of electric vehicles in winter, AIWAYS AI-OS version 1.6.1 optimizes the battery management system and warm air heating control strategy to further improve the vehicle's winter cruising range. According to the official, the upgraded Ai Chi U5 can increase by 50-60km at an average speed of 60km/h at an ambient temperature of -15°C and an air condition of 26°C AUTO air volume.
2) Further optimization of visual interaction
With the update of AIWAY AI-OS 1.6.1 version, the visual interaction of AIWAY U5 central control screen has been further optimized, adding day/night dual-color mode, which can be manually controlled or automatically switched with the headlights on and off. The addition of the visual air conditioner page makes the air condition of the air conditioner more clear.
According to user feedback, AIWAYS AI-OS 1.6.1 version optimizes the design of the 4 permanent function bars on the left side of the central control screen (vehicle control, system settings, navigation map, air conditioning function area), the interface logic is clearer, and the function search is also Faster. The AIWAYS App has adjusted some vehicle control functions from the "My" section to the "Partner" section, with clearer threads and more prominent features.
In terms of car home interconnection, in order to reduce the learning cost of users, AIWAYs AI-OS 1.6.1 version adds a new smart home tutorial page. Users can voice control the home air conditioner, water heater, air purifier and other intelligence through the Xiaojingyu App on the car terminal. Home appliances can also be used to remotely control the vehicle through Dingdong speakers at home, so that home, car and life can be integrated.
3) Entertainment system upgrade
In terms of entertainment system, on the basis of the original QQ music and Himalaya entertainment system, AIWAYs AI-OS 1.6.1 version opens up the QQ Music VIP lossless sound quality selection and Himalayan AIWAYs customized radio station, and the commuter listening list provided by the AIWAY customized radio station A variety of subdivision programs such as, relaxing moments, travel companionship, etc. also fit the user's multiple car scenarios. In addition, while enjoying the rich audio sources, users can also turn on the in-car camera through voice commands or manually click to take selfies and record good times.
4) In terms of voice interaction, it is more intelligent. In version 1.6.1, AIWAYS AI-OS version 1.6.1 adds five functions: continuous voice interaction, heuristic dialogue, voice box, sound reproduction, and scene mode, and the wake-up-free function is optimized . The newly added voice continuous interaction allows users to directly output the next command without repeatedly waking up the voice assistant within 8 seconds after issuing a command to control the window, sunroof or air conditioner.
In addition, after the user performs voice control on the windows, sunroof, and air conditioner, the vehicle automatically initiates heuristic reminders. For example, after the user uses the voice control to open the sunroof, the car reminds "You can tell me that the sunroof is half open" to help the user explore more voice interaction possibilities. The voice treasure box function integrates voice capsules, listen to your feedback, start greetings, voice re-engraving, and image customization on the desktop to strengthen the explicit entry and facilitate users to quickly find the corresponding functions.
5) More safety and practical functions
AIWAYS said that the live body monitoring function in the car has also been released in AI-OS version 1.6.1. When the car is locked, the vehicle can sense the living body in the car in time through the roof camera, and actively remind the car through the mobile phone App and SMS. Car owners, prevent babies and pets from being left in the car to avoid accidents.
In addition, AI-OS AI-OS version 1.6.1 has added new driving behavior rankings and violation query functions. The driving behavior of each AIWAY U5 user will be matched with the big data algorithm model and converted into a driving behavior report. Users can Rely on superb driving skills to compete for the position on the list. The violation query function facilitates users to query violation information in real time, avoiding the inconvenience caused by overdue processing.
One of the great benefits of smart cars is that with the continuous upgrading of the system, the vehicles will become smarter and smarter. Since its launch in December 2019, the AI-OS software intelligent system of AIWAYS U5 has been upgraded 15 times. This has not only enhanced the interaction between car companies and users, but also continued to improve the user experience. Make the vehicle more warm.