July 19, 2020

Common LED TV Problem You Need to Know

Over the last couple of years, LED TVs are gaining more popularity as a result of compatibility and innovative features they offer. LED TVs would be the flat panel screens which use light-emitting diodes for the screen back-lighting. An LED is a two-lead semiconducting device that emits light when a current passes through it. Doesn't matter how carefully you're using your lovely flat-screen electronic apparatus, repairs are common and can occur anytime to any device. The best TV repair in Delhi can enable you to fix all your little as well as major LED TV problems and to restore its regular functioning.

Where one of the LED TVs include vibrant attributes like emission of black and bright graphics, better contrast ratios, better viewing angles, and long-term capacity, on the other hand these are far more sensitive towards damages and failures. It's not possible to solve these failures in your end. You will need a professional to appropriately deal with your LED TV issues and to resolve them. Employing an expert TV repair in Delhi will not just up to date your led tv repair but also allow you to comprehend its common problems and tips and secrets to maintain your device.

Let us discuss some of the most frequent problems you might have with your LED TV.

  • No Output Sound

It can be a result of the collapse of the inner as well as external speakers. First, you must check to your outside speakers, if they are working correctly or not? For this, Switch off the AC source for your LED TV. Press and hold the power button at the LED TV for 10 seconds. Connect the power source again and press the power button once. In the event of the sounds coming out of the outside speakers are fine then it is apparent that the internal speakers of this LED TV aren't functioning in the ideal way. Due to heating, the sound IC of this inner speaker goes failed.

  • Blank Screen

This really is the most frequent problem in contemporary LED televisions. The problem generally arises due to the failure of capacitors on the power supply board. An experienced technician having good experience and understanding of the elements and their configurations can fix this problem of leaking and bulging capacitor together with his excellent soldering skills.

  • No Link with WiFi

Find the true problem if it is associated with the television or to the router. Try to join the phone with the router. When it is not connecting then update the firmware of the router and reset it. Also, check the LED TV interfaces for connections as well as the signal strength also.

  • Horizontal Lines on Start-Up

It may be a result of the poor signal power coming out of the set-top box into your LED TV. Modern LED TV requires higher input strength of the signal. You can switch to an HD set-top box to fix this issue quickly.

By understanding the common CRT TV problems you'll be able to realise when you should hire a technician to address your TV problems. Additionally, you'll get to know the severity, triggers, and solutions for that particular issue.